How to Get Free Samples From These Top Frozen Food Brands

Many manufacturers offer free samples to promote their products, and food companies have adopted this marketing strategy for years. Now, you can take advantage of some free samples from the top frozen food brands.

However, you should hurry up because some of the offers are time-limited and might expire soon. On the other hand, some frozen food brands frequently offer free samples. 

In that case, you can always ask for a sample. In this article, we will show you how to get free samples from the top frozen food brands in the United States. So let’s get right to it so you can get some free samples.

How to Get Free Samples From These Top Frozen Food Brands


Where to Search for Free Samples from Frozen Food Brands

The most straightforward way to see what’s available for free is to browse sites that dedicate themselves to offering free samples. While there are hundreds of such web pages, some are just scams, so you should only stick to those that are well-appreciated by users and receive positive reviews.

To mention a few, Yo Free Samples, MySavings, and FreeFly’s are among the best sites that offer free food samples. Besides, you can follow your favorite frozen food brands on social media and wait for special offers that might include free samples every now and then.

If you are not much of an online person, you can opt for doing your grocery shopping during weekends. Many hypermarkets offer free food samples during weekends, so you might find something that you want sometimes.

How to Get Free Samples From the Top Frozen Food Brands

Most companies offer free samples. The best frozen food brands in the US also adopted this marketing strategy to promote its top-rated products. Below, you can learn how to get free frozen food samples from some of the most popular brands in the United States.

Free Samples from American Frozen Foods

With experience in food delivery of about 100 years, American Frozen Foods now focuses on numerous great offerings. The company promises that its products are 100% organic, and the majority of their meals take no more than 30 minutes to be cooked.

American Frozen Foods is one of the best frozen food brands in the US, and it offers a vast selection of meals, from beef and poultry to seafood and sausages. You can ask for a free frozen food sample here

Once you have filled in the form, you will receive your order in a few days. Alternatively, you can call at 1-800-233-5554 to ask for your free sample. Note that free samples are only available in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Five Star Home Foods

Five Star Home Foods is also one of the most popular frozen foods brands. Similar to other manufacturers and food delivery companies in the US, this one will also send free samples to their customers.

The company, established in 1994, is specialized in frozen foods. Their promise is that all the foods they sell are organic and specially packed to hold the flavor and all the nutrients in place. 

Also, the food from Five Star Home Foods contains no additives, preservatives, and hormones. Accordingly, they guarantee the quality of their products.

As it is one of the best frozen food brands in the United States, they deliver a free sample kit that contains two servings of organic broccoli, pork chops, chicken breasts, and chopped beef steaks. You can order your free sample package from here.

American Flatbread Gives Free Samples

American Flatbread is one of the popular frozen food brands in the United States, especially in the region of New Hampshire, where the company is based, in the city of Pittsfield.

The company promises that it uses only organic products, including 100% organic wheat. Other ingredients used are also natural and contain no preservatives or additives.

At the moment, American Flatbread, on the top frozen food brands, offers free samples of their Flatbread Frozen Pizza, which comes in three categories — breakfast, launch, and dinner.

To get your free sample, head to MySavings. Once there, click on Get This Free Sample and follow the instructions on the screen. Hurry up, though, because this offer is time-limited only, and it might expire soon.

How to Get Free Samples From These Top Frozen Food Brands



In conclusion, frozen food brands frequently offer food samples for free. The companies mentioned above are trustworthy, and you should try their products, undoubtedly. Also, you will not anymore spend much time cooking your dinner since frozen food takes no longer than 10 to 30 minutes to prepare.