Free Lay’s Food Samples – How to Get it

Lay’s is one of the most significant chip brands in the world. It is owned by PepsiCo and has an international presence. 

Lay’s chips come in different flavors. Many people around the globe prefer Lay’s over other brands, and many of them would love free Lay’s food samples.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can lay your hands (see what we did there) on free Lay’s food samples quickly and easily!

Free Lay's Food Samples - How to Get it

Get Free Lay’s Food Samples

Lay’s was born in 1932 when a salesman named Herman Lay decided to run a snack food operation in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. In 1928, Lay purchased Barrett Food Company, an Atlanta-based chip manufacturer. In the beginning, Lay sold the products directly from his car, across Southern US.

In 1961, H.W. Lay Lingo & Company joined forces with Frito Company to form Frito-Lay. Four years later, Frito-Lay teamed up with the Pepsi-Cola Company to create PepsiCo. Since then, Lay’s has become a worldwide known brand, offering a broad range of chips of different forms, calorie content, and flavors.

Many companies around the world prefer to offer free samples of their products and services, as a part of their marketing campaigns. Lay’s is one of them, and it provides samples via different websites that we’ll talk about later in this article.

Free Lay’s food samples are available in different forms. You can get one chip bag with a specific flavor or a set of packets with various flavors. Besides free samples, some sites also offer significant discounts on Lay’s products. 

You can get a 5% discount on one order or coupons to get Lay’s chips for free from physical stores.

Where to Get Free Lay’s Samples From

There are many websites that offer products or services for free or at discounted prices. For getting free Lay’s food samples, we recommend you keep an eye on CouponXoo. There, you will be able to find all the special offers available for Lay’s chips. In short, CouponXoo is an aggregator that gathers all the coupons for a specific product or brand, which are available on the Internet.

Another site is GetItFree. On this one, at the moment of the writing, it’s only one freebie offer that includes Lay’s products, along with other chip brands. Similar to CouponXoo, GetItFree also gathers freebies from around the online world and post them.

On Lay’s official site, you can also sign up for the Tasty Rewards program. You will receive newsletters, the opportunity to participate in contests, access to sweepstakes, and even free Lay’s food samples, from now and then. However, these special offers or free samples might not always be available, so you might have to wait for them for a while.

How to Get Your Free Samples

Getting your free Lay’s food samples is not a challenging task. Follow the links presented above and access the preferred offer. You will receive a link, or you will be redirected to another site where you’ll need to introduce some contact data.

That’s quite everything that you have to do to get free Lay’s food samples. Also, you can search for any other products or services on the before-mentioned sites, so you’ll not be limited to chips and other foods.

What Flavors are Available for Free

Mostly, you will find free Lay’s food samples with any flavor you prefer, but it depends on the stores’ campaigns or what Lay’s itself offers via its Tasty Rewards program. At first glance on the aforementioned sites, Lay’s BBQ, personalized Lay’s chips bag, and Flamin’ Hot are available for free at the time of writing.

Just keep an eye on the sites above, and don’t forget to sign up on Lay’s Tasty Rewards. You will most likely get some free samples with your favorite flavors or new ones from now and then – what could be better?! And if you want a great recipe for homemade salsa Verde, click here – it is the perfect dip for Lay’s spicy flavors!

Free Lay's Food Samples - How to Get it


Lay’s is one of the most popular chip brands in the world. Like other big names out there, Lay’s and its partner stores offer free Lay’s food samples to attract new customers, promote new products, or reward loyal clients. 

Getting your free samples is easy, and you can frequently find special offers, too. Keep an eye on the sites that we mentioned above to see what offers are available and how to get them.