How to Make Homemade Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde originated in Mexico and is a tomatillo-based green salsa as opposed to the tomato-based red salsa. Salsa Verde is usually used as a dip for nachos as well as a topping for tacos, fajitas, enchiladas or chimichangas.

It is actually a roasted version of the original green salsa, the roasting brings out a smoky flavor to the otherwise tangy salsa. If you like super smoky flavor, you can even have a little char on the sides if you like. The recipe is pretty simple to make and the results are fantastic.

Simply add everything together in a food processor and then give it a few quick blitzes and you”re good to go. The great thing about making a large batch of Salsa Verde is that you can refrigerate it and then add it to other dishes for a quick green punch. Up next we’ve got a yummy Salsa Verde recipe for you. 

The Ingredients


These should be green and firm. The word tomatillos in Spanish actually means “little tomatoes.” But, they actually have a flavor that is pretty different from normal red tomatoes. Additionally, they are covered in a thin husk that should be removed before you eat or roast them.


This is what will make the salsa spicy. If you want it to be mild, then you should omit this ingredient, but if you are looking for it to be a little extra spicy, leave the jalapeno seeds in, or you can even double up the ingredients.

Garlic and Yellow Onions

These will add lots of flavor to the salsa, so don’t omit them.

Fresh Cilantro

You should use at least ¼ cup but you can adjust this ingredient to taste you want depending on how much you either love it or don’t care for it.


You cannot forget salt in your recipe. Salt shall bring out all the flavors in the salsa and it also keeps it from tasting too dimensional.


The sugar will help in balancing the tart and acidic flavors.

Lime Juice

This will add a slight kick of flavor, and also bring out the freshness in the recipe.


You’re going to use this water to help thin out your Salsa Verde so it is easier to use as a dip. You can leave it a little chunkier if its a topping. 

Ingredient Quantity

  • Tomatillos – 1 ½
  • Chopped white onion – ½ cup
  • Garlic – 2 gloves
  • Cilantro leaves – 2 cups
  • Lime juice – 1 Tbsp.
  • Jalapeno – 2
  • Salt

Procedure of Making the Salsa Verde

Start by heating the broiler. You should move the oven rack 4 inches below the broiler element and then preheat the broiler to high.

Next, you should roast the jalapenos and the tomatillos. Place them on a baking sheet and then put them in the oven to roast for about 5 minutes until they look a little charred on top. Keep a close eye on everything as they are likely to char very quickly.

Turn them and continue to roast them. Rotate the veggies to the opposite side and then roast until they are charred on all sides. This should take another 5 minutes.

When all the ingredients are ready, put them all in a food processor. You should also slice the peppers into halves and remove the seeds and then add them to the processor together with the cilantro, the onions, salt, garlic, water, lime juice and the tomatillos. 

Blitz this to a coarse texture. You can pulse several times until you find the coarse puree you want. Stir in some more water if you like, and then serve warm as a topping for your favorite snack and when it remains, you can refrigerate for use later.

Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe (Tomatillo Salsa) - Cookie and Kate
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We all love a nice and delicious dip, especially on those endless days in the house doing nothing. This can work with tacos, or fajitas, or even fries. Enjoy the fun times with friend and family with this homemade Salsa Verde recipe.