Discover How to Get Free Samples of Schwan’s Ice Cream

Schwan’s home service for food delivery aims to attract 5,000 new customers. The company is offering to deliver every product below $10 free of charge.

You can get a small sample of ice cream, meat products, vegetables, or any other food you choose on their website and/or catalog. The company believes that this kind of marketing will convince consumers to become everyday customers.

In order to get the free samples, you’ll have to contact the company. There are two ways of contacting them, online and over the phone.

Discover How to Get Free Samples of Schwan's Ice Cream

Why Did the Company Decide to Offer Free Food Samples?

In an incentive for current customers, anyone who gets their neighbor to take the benefits of the testing system that runs through October will now be compensated with points that can be swapped for food expenses. For Schwan’s, the hope is that customers can turn to neighbors and friends to make Schwan’s delivery more effective.

The concept is, “If people taste it, they will like it and buy more,” said Beau Fraser, general manager of The Gate Worldwide, the advertising agency that is running the campaign for Schwan. The advertising’s tagline, “Let’s Stick a Fork in Depression”, considers the financial curveball thrown at plenty of Americans.

A variety of promotional print advertisements are running this month in USA Today. Three advertisements, similar in look and feel, have been made. 

The sample caller says, “Children will try a new food if you bribe them. How about you?“ Meanwhile, the Schwan’s truck is moving along the bottom of the ad.

The referral system’s advertisement reads: “We will reward you for recommending us to your friends. Or your enemies for that matter.” 

The third ad targets high levels of unemployment. They are letting the readers know that Schwan’s is recruiting as well as how and where to find jobs.

How do You get Free Food Samples?

To get the free samples, all you need to do is to order the food. You can do it either on their website or by calling them directly on the phone.

If you want to order free samples on their website, it’s best to contact them via live chat. The customer support will explain the procedure and ask for personal info, and they’ll send you the free samples. 

Many people are willing to try something when it’s free, so be ready to “stand in line”. You’ll get your samples, though, that’s for sure.

However, if you decide to contact them via phone, it’s as easy as it seems. Call the toll-free Customer Careline at 1-888-SCHWAN’S (1-888-724-9267).

Since we wanted to talk about the ice creams, you should know something about them, as well. For decades, Schwan has provided ice cream lovers with a high-quality product that is hard to find anywhere else. 

They use organic cream, expensive ingredients, and no artificial flavors. Even the colors come from natural sources. One of their best products, Chocolate Ice Cream, is bubbled with peanut butter and filled with peanuts, as well.

Schwan’s Reward Program

If you join SCHWAN’S REWARDS™, you will earn points worth 5% back from every online purchase. These rewards can be used on future orders.

How does the program work?

  • You will get one reward point for each dollar you spend on, the Schwan’s App, or over the phone at 1-888-724-9267.
  • When you earn 20 points, it will be equal to one dollar towards your future orders.
  • When you earn 100 points, it will be equal to five dollars towards your future orders.
  • When you earn 500 points, it will be equal to twenty-five dollars towards your future orders.

The purpose of Schwan’s reward program is to allow loyal customers to earn reward points. These points can be exchanged for the food at Schwan’s.

Note: The reward points you’ll earn as a loyal customer will not have any cash value. You won’t be able to exchange them for cash.

Additionally, you can get $20 off any purchase over $50 if you are an AARP member.

Discover How to Get Free Samples of Schwan's Ice Cream


Bottom line, this guide will lead you to get the free samples from Schwan’s. There are two options to get them – online or over the phone

We recommend getting them online, as you will be able to browse through all their offers. What are you waiting for? Get your free sample as soon as possible and enjoy the free food!