How to Get Free Sample of Dinner Rolls and Other Breads

Free samples of pasta, cookies, dinner rolls, bread chips, and every other kind of food imaginable are distributed online almost daily. You’ll find the best places to order these free samples of food below. 

Some of the free food sample services below allow you to request free food samples today, while others require you to sign up and wait until you are notified that a new free food sample is available. 

Many of these free samples of food only require your mailing details, no surveys necessary. Try out these companies now! 

How to Get Free Sample of Dinner Rolls and Other Breads
Image Source: Tablespoon Website

Your Local Walmart

Free food samples are given out by your local Walmart every weekend. Yep, those little booths where, if you want to buy food in the future, you can stop by and grab a free food sample and even money-saving coupons.

While it sounds like top-secret knowledge, by doing some simple search of your zip code, you can actually find out what free food samples are going to be given away in your Walmart neighborhood. Walmart has offered free food samples of entrees, foods, sweets, drinks, and snack food in the past.


Wondering how to get bread and other food that’s free? Here is an updated list of all the currently available free food! From free birthday meals to free coffee to free meals coupons to free restaurant food to your favorite brands’ free food samples! 

Freeflys publishes details about many different freebies available. However, at least as of this writing, they still have a page devoted solely to free food samples. Joining Freeflys is free, and when you become a member, you will get first notice of available freebies via email.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread Company is an American chain of fast-casual bakery-café restaurants with over 2,000 outlets, many of which are in the United States and Canada. Its headquarters are in the St. Louis suburb of Sunset Hills, Missouri. 

Join MyPanera, and just for joining, you get a free pastry piece. When you’re a customer, they even give away lots of other freebies as well. 

To print your free reward, simply click this link and go to Join Now and register, print your temporary membership card, display your account, and click your reward. 

Send your membership number with your bid to receive your free pastry or sweet within 60 days of signing up at your nearest Panera. You may also try out this link to get your free samples from MySavings. 

Hungry Howie’s

Join the eClub of the Hungry Howie, and you’ll get a free original, cajun, or cinnamon Howie bread order. 

HowiEmail is a perfect way to get exclusive deals for the things you love from Hungry Howie. In order to obtain exclusive deals, and win a free pizza, fill out the registration form on this page.

Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent is a platform that allows you to sign up to be an agent to get free food and other samples they give you with your opinions. 

You will get first dibs on trying new food and other items by being a Bzz Agent when they send you samples. Then you can share what you think of the product with the company, and they give the manufacturer feedback. 

Joining is free and is a perfect way to get free samples of food and help producers to test up and coming products.


Sign up for the free newsletter from Cinnabon and get 4 free BonBites just for subscribing to the newsletter! 

Just go to their website and click and fill out your details by clicking “Sign up.” Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a coupon. Your coupon can be redeemed at any participating Cinnabon within 14 days!

How to Get Free Sample of Dinner Rolls and Other Breads
Image Source: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe


Taking advantage of the above strategies can be a perfect way to try new recipes and to get free samples of bread, dinner rolls, and other foods. 

Using the above choices to see how many free samples of food you will get.