How to Get Free Samples of the Best Whole Food Products

There are certainly fantastic whole food samples in warehouse stores, but they’re not the only ones selling delicious and convenient free bites. It’s a terrible idea to go out hungry for food. 

Some people think it makes you more likely to deviate from your shopping list by doing so. And if you’re hungry, you could be at the grocery store doing rude things. That is why samples of free food are such a blessing. 

Here are some of the best tips you need to know to get the best free samples of whole food.

How to Get Free Samples of the Best Whole Food Products
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Try Out Costco

For its amazing free whole food samples, the warehouse is well known. Free samples from Costco are so perfect that customers aren’t afraid of going back for seconds. And yes, one trick of a Costco free sample worker is that they know when customers come back for another service, but it’s alright. 

Free samples from Costco are, in practice, unofficially unlimited. According to anonymous staff and customer surveys, the store does not allow workers to impose a cap on samples. 

Jenna Coleman, a food industry customer behavior researcher and founder of Particular Pantry, says she’s guilty of taking her kids on a Friday night to Costco and making them try too many items that count as dinner. 

For Club Demonstrative Programs, the people who hand out the samples to Coleman and her children operate. Other major retailers also use similar programs, but many free samples don’t come directly from the store.

Sam’s Club

If you prefer Sam’s Club to Costco, don’t worry, this warehouse store still has some delicious free food samples. In reality, before Thanksgiving, a few years ago, Sam’s Club gave away double the free samples. 

There is usually a greater range of food samples on the weekends. At the same time, most warehouse stores offer free samples, Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s offer 6 primary differences.


Walmart doesn’t offer samples of free food as much as Costco. The store does, however, host special weekend in-store activities with free samples of food. These vary by venue, so search for your nearest Walmart store and click for more information on the news and events tab. 

Often, Walmart gives free samples for special events and things such as Mother’s Day or back-to-school season. The samples are normally part of a product demonstration set up in the store with sampling stations. 

Contact Whole Food Companies 

Daiya Foods 

Daiya Foods sell plant-based products, and they aim to have these accessible to as many people as possible.

Conagra Brands

Headquartered in Chicago, Conagra Brands (NYSE: CAG) combines a rich tradition of making great food with a keen emphasis and entrepreneurial spirit. 

In a smart, clear way, they change the way we work to meet what consumers and customers want. They modernize our iconic food brands, take advantage of new possibilities, and adapt to a changing world, all with a culture ready to catch growth and generate value for shareholders.

Fruit Bliss

Fruit Bliss is very different from dried fruits that are common. You will find one thing is that all of our fruits are a dark natural color. This is what occurs in the sun when the fruit oxidizes by drying naturally. 

Try Out Best Buy

The best discount deal Mike Catania, the savings group founder, ever had was with Best Buy. The combination of the timing of his purchase and his free coupon resulted in considerable savings. 

For members of the Best Buy Reward Zone, now the My Best Buy scheme, the voucher he used was only available. Joining the program and accessing free insider coupons is free. 

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How to Get Free Samples of the Best Whole Food Products
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Whole foods are one of the best giveaways from companies. Check out this full list from All Natural Savings of the companies who give these all away for free!