How to Get Free Samples of Talenti Gelato

Craving for something sweet today? Why not try out a gelato that’s perfect for your taste with a wide variety of flavors for everyone. 

If you think the ice cream aisle in the grocery store is overwhelming, consider looking at 38 pints of Talenti gelato and sorbet, knowing that in 38 spoonfuls, you’ll be asked to choose your favorite one. 

Here are the specific steps in getting your free Talenti Gelato now! 

How to Get Free Samples of Talenti Gelato
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All About Talenti Gelato

Talenti’s story starts in the 1990s, in Argentina. Their member, Josh Hochschuler, lived and worked in Buenos Aires. He was quickly attracted to people, food, soccer, and architecture. But it was the gelato that took hold of his heart.

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Although it may seem similar to ice cream, gelato has an entirely different origin and production process. Talenti Gelato is particularly special because they make it from scratch with the finest ingredients from around the world.

They use an old-world process that involves slow cooking their ingredients and making their gelato in smaller batches than most other ice creams in the US is made. Talenti is a Unilever-produced American gelato and sorbet brand. Talenti is named after Bernardo Buontalenti, who is credited with inventing gelato.

Free Talenti Gelato When You Refer Friends! 

Enjoy this delectable gelato with your best of friends when you refer them! Talenti makes Gelato Ice Cream for high-end users. You can get a free pint of Talenti Gelato Ice Cream right now (maybe you need to do this from a desktop or laptop, as it is not accessible through mobile). 

Invite your friends to share in the Year’s Worth of Talenti giveaway. They will give you 1 free Talenti voucher for every 5 friends who join and donate $5 to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. The promotion is limited, so what are you waiting for? 

When you get to invite more mates, you get to raise your chances of winning! Here are the steps on what to do, once again:

  1. From your personal computer, log on to
  2. Join their offering by completing the form from top to bottom. Make sure you use a real and active mailing address because that’s where you’ll get your Free Coupon for the Talenti Gelato.
  3. When you’ve signed in, you’ll see a chance to share with your friends on social media networks, Facebook or Twitter. You can press the Twitter button to get a unique link to be able to share with your friends.
  4. Now it’s time to send the link to your friends via email.
  5. Again, once five of your best friends or family members have joined the special giveaway, they’ll give you a free full-size pint of ice cream.

Yo Free Samples

Join the sweepstakes for a chance to win Talenti’s year supply on Facebook. Like their page, click “Enter” and Allow Permissions to access the form to enter. 

Then enter your information in the form of the sweepstakes. Submit your information and share it with 5 friends to get a free product coupon every time.


How to Get Free Samples of Talenti Gelato
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Don’t miss this chance to get a Free Friends Referring Coupon from Talenti Gelato. Invite friends of yours to join the contest, because the more friends you invite, the more coupons you’ll get. Talenti Gelato will give you one free Talenti voucher for every five friends who join. 

Moreover, they’ll donate every $5 to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation! The brand has also recently come out with a milk-free sorbet, in which lactose intolerants are practically gushing and raving everywhere.