Homemade Butter Recipe : How to Make Butter or Makhan at Home

All of us love to eat butter! There would be no one who would not want to eat the delicious, creamy and salty butter! The butter is the most common product which is available in almost all the huge grocery stores as well as small shops. Many families prefer buying butter readily from the market but most of the home cooks make the butter at home. This homemade Butter Recipe is without any additives, preservatives or flavouring or colouring agents.

Homemade Butter

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Description: This homemade Butter Recipe is without any additives, preservatives or flavoring agents. Follow the recipe and prepare Makhan at home easily. Make it today!

Homemade Butter - Makkhan Recipe

Let’s learn to make butter step by step at home.

Ingredients for Butter Recipe:

  • Fresh Cream / Malai – 3 cups
  • Water – 1 cup

Note: The full fat cream is available in the market. You can either use that or the homemade Malai which you get from milk.  You can use cream or Malai from the homemade curd as well instead of boiled milk.

Instructions for Butter Recipe:

It is very simple and easy to make butter at home. The homemade butter or the desi Makhan is always best as compared to the store-bought. You need fresh cream for the preparation of the butter at home.

Pre-Preparation to Make Butter:

  • Use the cream or Malai you are storing in the refrigerator every day.
  • You can even buy the fresh cream pack.
  • To make the cream, you need to boil the milk and refrigerate it.
  • Then after some time, check the milk in the fridge.
  • A layer of cream would have formed on the top of the milk.
  • Take the milk out from the fridge and collect the cream formed.
  • Store this cream in a small container and keep it in the fridge.

Once you have collected the cream, then it is very easy to convert it into the butter. (If you want to learn to collect cream with detailed steps, then check for how to make cream at home.)

Steps for Making Unsalted Butter At Home

  • Take the 3 cups of collected fresh homemade cream.
  • Defrost the cream if it is frozen using the microwave oven.
  • Now, take mixer-grinder jar or use the food processor.
  • Wash it properly and then clean it using a dry cloth.
  • Add 3 cups of cream in it along with 1 cup of water.
  • Switch on the power supply and run the mixer.
  • Turn on mixer (or food processor) at the medium pace.
  • While blending this mixture of water and cream, there will be 3 stages appearing.
  • Initially, the mixture of water and cream will convert into a smooth cream.
  • At this point, after blending for a while you will get the whipped cream.
  • After some time, if you continue blending, you will get the buttermilk.
  • You would observe the whiteish water getting separated from the cream.
  • Slowly, the water will be completely separated from the cream.
  • The cream appearing at the bottom is the homemade butter.
  • Now, slowly remove the water from the container.
  • Collect the all the butter formed at the bottom of the container.
  • Wash the butter 2-3 times in chilled water.
  • Clean the butter until the water is clear.
  • Drain the water completely.
  • Keep the homemade butter in a closed air-tight jar.
  • Store this fresh and homemade butter in the refrigerator.

And the butter or the Makhan is ready to use!

Note: It is very important to defrost the frozen cream. You can also keep it out till it comes at room temperature.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 304 calories
  • Total Time: PT10M
  • Serves: 350 Grams
  • Date Published:

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The White butter is also called as Makhan. It is the pure butter which is made only from the fresh cream. You may be wondering how to make Butter at home, but it is very easy to prepare it. Also, it tastes better than the store-bought butter. It also healthy, hygienic and economical to make it at home. At first, if you are new to cooking, it may sound like a lengthy process to convert cream into butter. But it is completely opposite of that. It can be made quickly and does not take much time.

All you need to make butter or Makhan at home is the fresh cream with little water. In the equipment, you might need the blender, electronic mixers or food processors. You can use any of the machines as per your choice. The cream can also be homemade or bought from the store. There would be no difference in taste where you use fresh homemade Malai or not. The fresh butter can also be prepared from the Curd. But the Makhan tastes best when made from Malai.

Whenever you have collected plenty of cream at home, then you can think of making butter once a month. It is very easy and also very economical when compared to the market butter. The homemade butter can be used for various purposes. You can also further make clarified butter from this plain butter recipe. There are two basic types of butter, the unsalted and the salted butter. You can customize the butter to make it flavoured butter. This is the most familiar food which is fast to make.


  • While removing the water from the butter, you can use a strainer.
  • Add the mixture to the strainer and let all the water drain away.
  • You can also use a clean kitchen cloth for doing this.
  • Make sure you are completely removing all the water from the butter.
  • Keep the butter immediately in the refrigerator or else it will spoil.
  • You can add salt if you want to store salted butter with you.
  • You may add any other spices or pepper to make flavoured butter as well.
  • I recommend you to store unsalted butter.
  • If everyone in your family is a lover of salted butter, you can add the salt before storing.
  • While adding salt, add the salt and mix very well before storing.

Store the Butter:

Take the butter and press it firmly into the container of your choice. This will give the butter a shape and make one block of it. So, whenever you need to use it, you can scoop out a little butter.  You can use nice little molds of different shapes as well. This can give your butter a nice and delicate shape. If you want to keep it simple, then just let it set in the rectangular container.

Once the butter is frozen, you can then serve the butter. You may use little butter cubes to serve in individual portions. Some people like eating melted butter, in that case, remove the butter from the fridge and let it come to room temperature. But if you are not serving the butter immediately, then Refrigerate or freeze it.

Serving Suggestion:

There are many ways to eat the salted butter at home. It can be used in the preparation of other dishes or it can also be eaten plain with bread. The salted version of the homemade butter is used to make Bombay Pav. The bread and butter with the glass of juice are the most common morning breakfast. The butter can be used to spread over the Bread, Roti’s, and various sandwiches. This homemade Butter can also be used in preparing biscuits.

At many homes and especially the Punjabi houses, the butter is served with parathas. Almost all type of stuffed paratha or normal paratha can be eaten plain with a dollop of salted butter.  The Punjabi’s are usually very liberal while using the butter. The salted butter is used to make the famous combo dish of Makki di Rori and Sarso Da Saag.

The butter can be in the preparation of almost all the Dals, gravies and vegetables. The unsalted butter can also be used in making delicious Dry Fry.  And the salted butter is used to make the restaurant style spicy Dal Makhani. If you are not on diet or do not worry much about calories, then you can add butter in almost every other dish you eat. This fresh homemade butter can further be used to make the clarified at home.

No Punjabi gravy dish is complete without the addition of salted butter. If you want to make Matar Paneer at home, then you make the gravy in the butter. In fact, the gravy of most of the dishes which is prepared in ghee or oil can be made in the salted butter. So if you are not so much calorie conscious, then prepare your dishes in butter.

The addition of butter not enhances the taste of the dish but also makes the spice tempering more aromatic. The salted butter is the most important ingredient used in making the restaurant style delicious Punjabi Paneer Butter Masala. You can often use this freshly homemade made butter to make Punjabi curry dishes like:

  • Paneer Makhani
  • Rajma Masala
  • Kadai Paneer
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Veg Makhanwala

The salted butter can be used to make the sweet Burfi.  Whereas the desserts like Eggless Chocolate Mousse needs unsalted butter for its preparation. All the eggless cakes preparation at home requires Unsalted Butter to be added to the batter. Once you start making butter at home, you can use this homemade butter for cooking curries and baking cakes. Either the salted or the unsalted butter can be applied over snacks like the Eggless French Toast.

Quick Tip:
  • Always churn the mixture at high speed to get the butter.
  • The proportion of water can vary from ½ cup to 1 cup.
  • Collect the butter with the spoon or the spatula.
  • You can also strain the butter from buttermilk with a strainer.
  • You may also squeeze the butter from the buttermilk with hands.
  • With the cow’s milk, you will get yellow colored butter. With buffalo’s milk, you will get white colour butter.
  • Take care that your mixer or blender does not get heated while blending cream. Otherwise, it would make ghee instead of butter.
  • You can mix a little bit of curd with cream to make fermented butter.
  • Refrain from using normal mixer grinder with one blade. You can use a hand held electronic beater.

How to store Malai?

It is very simple and easy to store the Malai if you want to make butter (Makhan) at home. Whenever you boil the everyday milk, keep it in the fridge. Then after some time, you will find the later of cream formed over the boiled milk. Collect it, separate it from milk and store it in the container. Again, boil the milk next day and refrigerate it. After a while, you will get the cream. Collect it and add it to the container.

This way, keep boiling the milk you get every day and keep collecting the cream till the container is full. Once the container is full of cream, you can make butter or ghee from it. You may use a large container so that you can prepare butter or ghee once a month at home.

How to store Butter?

The collected butter can be stored in airtight container or box. Then it can be kept in the refrigerator for a week. If you store the homemade butter in the freezer, then it can last for a month. Use a clean spoon every time you are taking some butter to use.

How to Make Salted Butter:

To prepare the salted butter, apart from fresh cream and water, you would need:

  • Salt – as required
  • Pepper Powder – as required

Note: The addition of black pepper powder is optional.

Steps to make the Homemade Salted Butter,

  • Defrost the stored cream.
  • Blend the cream and water.
  • Continue to blend till you get butter.
  • Separate the butter from buttermilk.
  • Then sprinkle salt and pepper in butter.
  • Mix everything and keep the butter to freeze.

Note: It is always preferable to store the unsalted butter. Then when you want to use it, you can take it out and make it salted.

Flavoured Butter:

Once you have unsalted butter at home, then you can further proceed to make the flavoured butter. You can add salt to make salted butter. You can also add other flavouring agents to the butter. Whenever you want to flavour the butter, add the spices or the flavoured ingredient’s while you are kneading the butter. You can add various herbs as well to your plain homemade butter. You can make your flavoured butter with:

  • Chives or Spring Onions
  • Orange or Lemon
  • Citrusy Fruit Rind
  • Rosemary or Thyme
  • Garlic or Ginger
  • Parsley or Cilantro
  • Honey or any Sweetener

Simple Steps for making White Butter at home:

  1. To make butter at home you need few cups of cream.
  2. You can use ready-made or home-made cream.
  3. Defrost the cream at room temperature or in the microwave oven.
  4. Add the cream in the food processor along with few cups of water.
  5. Turn on the processor and begin to blend the cream at a high pace.
  6. You will get smooth cream and then whipped cream.
  7. Then further blending, buttermilk, and thick butter would separate.
  8. Collect the floating butter and store in the container. Keep in fridge to freeze.

The whole process of preparing butter at home is very simple. Yet there is only one point of concern. Whenever you blend the cream in the food processor, they become greasy. Even the spoon you are using would become creamy. It is a tough task to wash these utensils and remove the stickiness from them. But even though cleaning dishes may take time, the joy of making butter at home is worth!

Correcting the Homemade Butter:

  • Correct Sour Butter: It is important to correct the butter if it is not fresh. This happens when the milk is kept outside for a longer time without collecting the cream.
  • Correct Soft Butter: If the butter is too soft or warm, then you must get it to the right consistency. You have to make it cool. The butter should not too soft nor too hard.
  • Correct Waxy Butter: If the butter is hard to melt in the mouth, then you must re-do the process. While kneading the butter, if you over-do it then it may become waxy.
  • Correct Sweaty Butter: If the moisture readily forms on the butter, then also you must re-do the process. It happens when you do not wash it properly or if the ingredients are not mixed.