Top 5 Apps for Paleo Recipes

In their quest to achieve the most optimal weight for their bodies, many individuals have tried a wide variety of diet plans. They do this in the hopes that it will bring them closer to physical fitness. From the Vegan Diet (and lifestyle) to the Keto Diet, you have the option to try out as many eating habits as you want as long as you can sustain them healthily.

One of the most popular types of consumption management is the Paleo Diet. This aims to guide individuals to intake food just like what our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Usually, meals under this plan are composed of whole and unprocessed food items.

If you are thinking of trying out this plan, then you have two choices. You can have pre-cooked food delivered to your home, or you can cook it yourself. As deliveries can be costly, you might want to try out these apps to guide you in your cooking-at-home endeavors. Here is our pick of the top 5 apps for paleo recipes!

Image Source: CookingLight

1. Paleo Diet Plan

This application offers a wide variety of information as to what this diet program is. It helps individuals understand the program better, which can help them plan for the program more effectively.

The app also carries recipes for different categories, such as breakfast, sauces, snacks, sides, and desserts. You even have the option to view low-carb items.

2. Paleo Diet for Beginner

If you are just starting out on this meal program, you will definitely love this app. It offers a pre-made newbie meal plan for a week, making it more convenient for you to ease into the regimen.

Then, you can create your own program based on the guidelines provided by the application. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

3. Paleo Diet Recipes – 30 Days Plan

For those who are ready to dive right in, this application will definitely work for you. This offers a pre-made meal plan for 30 days, making it a whole lot easier to follow the program.

Moreover, it gives a complete breakdown of the dishes, allowing you to easily identify the ingredients and other components.

4. Paleo Diet Recipes

Giving you a selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you only need to choose which recipe you will make for the day or week!

In the future, the app plans to include snacks and desserts. The best thing is, the list of recipes is hand-picked, ensuring that the entries are perfect for your specific plan. You won’t be disappointed with the special features of this app.

5. PaleoDiet CookBook & Recipes

With step-by-step instructions, this application will give you a detailed guide on how to prepare paleo-friendly dishes. It even allows you to filter recipes depending on your specifications. This is important for those with intolerances, such as allergies to nuts.


Getting into a diet requires discipline. What better way to maintain your discipline and resist temptations than by cooking your own food with these paleo recipes?

By doing so, you are not only keeping your body healthy, but also saving yourself from additional costs, making your plan a much more fulfilling and valuable one.