Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe : Protein Packed Chickpea Meal!

Is it lunch time and are you looking forward to a tummy filling healthy meal? The Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe can help you make the delicious meal which is both tasty and hearty. It is one of those traditional Punjabi recipes which can make your hunger go away instantly. This rice dish of Chana Dal Khichdi is nutritious, protein-packed and wholesome one meal dish. It’s quick to prepare when you are in running late or when you are extremely hungry and need some food to eat fast. This Khichdi with a thick consistency has the great combination of rice and dal along with various other spices.

Chana Dal Khichdi

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Description: Follow the simple, easy and quick Chana Dal Recipe to make the hearty meal. You can make this healthy dish anyday, anytime or whenever you are in hurry.

Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe

Ingredients for Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe:

  • Asafoetida/ Hing – a pinch
  • Chana Dal/ Split Bengal Gram – ½ cup
  • Oil – 1 tbsp. (use saffola oil)
  • Red Chilli Powder – ½ tsp.
  • Regular Rice/ Basmati Rice – ½ cup (buy patanjali basmati rice)
  • Turmeric Powder/ Haldi – ¼ tsp.
  • Salt to taste
  • Water – 1 cup

Note:  If you do not want to eat the plain Khichdi, then you can do the tempering of cumin seeds, green chillies, bay leaf, cinnamon, crushed black peppers and ginger in a hot oil. Pour this spicy tempting of whole spices over the Khichdi. Keep the proportion of Jeera very less as it would overpower the taste and flavors of Chana Dal.

The only reason to do tempering is that rice is considered to be cool whereas these spices are warm, so there would be a balance of both the effects.

You can substitute Moong Dal or Masoor Dal for the Chana Dal. Refrain from using the Tovar Dal for this recipe as it would not taste same.

Method for Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe:

It is very easy to make the Chana Dal Khichdi. Follow the recipe steps and cook the chana along with other ingredients.

Pre- Preparation:

  • Clean rinse and soak rice in normal water for 30 minutes. (buy strainer online)
  • Also, clean, rinse and soak Chana dal in hot water for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, strain the washed Chana Dal through a colander and drain the extra water from Chana dal. Transfer it to a bowl and keep it aside.

Note: You can also soak the Chana Dal overnight or for 4 to 5 hours.  The overnight soaking is best but do it only when you are not in hurry. The reason we soak the Chana Dal in warm water is because it saves time.


  • Take a pressure cooker, add oil in it and heat it on a lower flame.
  • When the oil gets hot and bubbles start to form, then add a pinch of Asafoetida.
  • Then after some time, transfer the Chana dal to the cooker.
  • Also, add spice powders like red chilli powder and turmeric powder along with a pinch of salt.
  • Mix and stir everything properly. Allow the ingredients to cook for 30 seconds.
  • Now pour in around 1 cup water and mix everything well again.
  • Now put the lid on the pressure cooker and pressure cook for up to 2 whistles.
  • Let the air escapes from its own and wait till the pressure settles.
  • Now open the lid, the dal should be cooked but it should be separated from other ingredients.
  • You can also cook for 6 minutes. You can also cook for 1 whistle and then check. If your dal is not done then again allow it to cook for 1 more whistle.
  • Once your Dal is cooked, drain the excess water from the rice.
  • Add the cleaned and soaked rice to the cooked Chana dal.
  • Mix the rice evenly with the cooked Dal. Stir the ingredients slowly.
  • Now there will be water in the cooker along with dal, so no need to add more water.
  • If you are using basmati rice you might not need to add water. But if using regular rice you may need to add water up to ¼ cup extra.
  • Adjust the water level accordingly.
  • Now again pressure cook for 2 whistles. The number of whistles depends on the type of rice you use.
  • Let the air escape from its own. Open the cooker. Again if the rice is not cooked then add some water and cook for 1-2 whistles.

And your delicious Chana dal Khichdi is ready to eat!

Note: When you add rice to the Dal, make sure to check that Dal is properly cooked and is not mushy or sticky. If you feel that your rice is not cooked, then you can pour ¼ cup of water and cook it again for a whistle.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 170 calories
  • Total Time: PT50M
  • Serves: 3
  • Date Published:

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There are no extra efforts in making this Khichdi at home. You just have to assemble the required ingredients. The Khichdi mainly uses the locally available whole spices or spice powders, herbs, and the other Indian condiments. The core ingredients for this recipe are the Chana Dal and the rice, rest of the spices and herbs are optional. Also, you can use the seasonal or fresh fiber rich vegetables if you want to make it healthier. Firstly you have to wash these ingredients properly with the fresh water and then soak both Chana Dal and rice separately for some time. Allow the Dal to pressure cook properly in the pressure cooker for at least 1 or 2 whistles. Once your Dal is soft and cooked, sprinkle the spice powder and herbs along with the water and soaked rice. Let everything cook and eat it with joy.

The addition of spice powders and herbs is based on one’s personal choice and individual preference. You can always add more of red chilli powder or add some Garam masala powder for the extra zest of spiciness. If you want the mild taste of Khichdi, then ease on with these spicy powders and add more of Chana Dal. If you are more favored by the flavors of herbs, then you can add some mint leaves as well.  Learn and give a try to make this delicious and tasty Chana dal pulao recipe and feel warm in the days of winter. The tempering over the Khichdi will definitely be a treat for your taste buds. When you do the spice tempering, be cautious as the nutty flavor of Chana Dal must retain.

It has delicate flavors with a mild taste and smooth texture of separated rice grains is similar to the Pulao. The fragrance of Chana dal with the soaked rice gets mixed with the strong aroma of spices and spreads all over the kitchen. There is some sort of richness in this Khichdi of Chana Dal which is unique. No other food can beat the simplicity of flavors and taste of Khichdi. You can make it for lunch, dinner, or lazy weekend brunch. It is light, healthy, easy, simple food to prepare which is not at all time-consuming. It is the staple recipe is most of the Punjabi family. Try it once and it would become your favorite one pot meal to prepare. Fill your stomach with the healthy food and feel good.


  • Total time of cooking required for the Chan Dal Khichdi Recipe is 50 minutes
  • The measured proportion of ingredients serves 2 people
  • The texture of this Chana dal Khichdi is not mushy, thus the grains are separated. Thus add water carefully.
  • The amount of water has to be adjusted according to the type of rice. Basmati will be cooked faster than the regular rice.
  • You can also add chopped onions, spring onions, peas, carrots, and some other veggies also.
  • The Khichdi can be made in the pot as well. If you make it in the pot, then vary the amount of water.


Serve hot the Chana Dal Khichdi with curd or vegetable Raita or any chilled Raita with some spicy pickle. Having some masala Papad as a side accompaniment to this Khichdi for a bit of crunch. Pair up the Khichdi with the chilled glass of refreshing sweet Lassi to make it a complete meal.

Garnish with:

  • Coriander Leaves
  • Green Chillies
  • Onion Rings
  • Roasted Dry Fruits
Quick Tip:
  • You can have the sweet curd of sugar or the spicy curd if red chilli powder and salt.
  • Khichdi and Kadhi make the best pair for the Gujarati Food.
  • Pour some mixed vegetable curry subzi over the Khichdi and eat.
  • Combine your Chana Dal Khichdi with Boondi Raita and Pindi Chole.
  • If you are fond of chutney, then you can eat the Khichdi with any of your favorite chutney.
  • For all the paneer lovers, you can garnish your Khichdi with small cubes of cottage cheese.

Chana Dal itself is a very hearty and healthy dal. It contains a high amount of protein and a good amount of other nutrients. Because it power packed with proteins which we require in our daily diet, it proves to be good for the health of your whole family. This Chana dal Khichdi can be made in minutes at home. It is a super easy and quick recipe which can be made with less and cooking efforts. The delicious Khichdi is nothing but the combination of lentils with other ingredients. These cereals are cooked with various different seasonal and fresh vegetables. The traditional way to have the Khichdi is with the drizzle of ghee or the Curd. You can have it with pickle, chilled and flavorful Raita or crunchy Papad.

The tasty and spicy Masala Khichdi, healthy and hearty Moong Dal Khichdi and Sabudana Khichdi for the Vrat are among the other Khichdi recipes which you would like to taste. All of these are equally simple and easy to prepare. You can also find more Rice recipes like International flavored Spanish rice, Indian Restaurant style Masala Rice, extremely delicious Herb Rice and the bright red colored Beetroot Rice. Whereas if you love eating Chana Dal then you can check how to make Chana Dal Pakora for the evening snack with tea. You may learn to make Chana Dal Paratha for a healthy breakfast.