How to Get Free Samples of Fries

One of the verification practices that a food business is expected to perform is giving and providing food samples. Many steps need to be done to ensure the integrity of the food sample being taken, much like how food companies do! 

It has never been easier to get free samples from food firms! You can get free meat samples, snacks, beverages, drinks, and even fries now! 

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How to Get Free Samples of Fries

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Simplot Foods

From modest beginnings to today’s global reach, J.R. Simplot Company has kept its core values throughout, showing deep appreciation for the Planet’s resources and giving back to society. 

The three main pillars that have driven J.R. are reverence for resources, a spirit of creativity, and a passion for people. Simplot Company from its beginnings in 1929 to the food and agribusiness empire of today as a one-person operation. 

Would you like to check out their natural good looks and fries of premium length? These build the appearance of a plate that delights clients before they even dig in! 

In a nationwide, in-operation placement test for the catch, texture, and overall preference, Select Recipe fries took top honors. Click here to get your free fries samples! 

McDonald’s Free Fries Friday

Every Friday, by using an app deal, get a free medium fries Friday on mobile orders with a minimum of 1 purchase. Required software download and registration. According to the promotion’s fine print, the deal is only available at participating restaurants through Mobile Order & Pay. 

Go to the Deals tab and pick the Free Fries Friday offer when you are ready to claim your free McDonald’s Fries on the McDonald’s App, and then press the “Add Deal to Mobile Order” button. 

Using every big payment card, pay contact-free. When you sign in, your card will not be spent. Through utilizing the Checkout and My Account screens, you can connect or delete a payment card. 

Check-in at any participating restaurant at McDonald’s to pick up your free Fries. Get them with the curbside pickup brought to you, or grab them at your nearest McDonald’s Drive-Thru.

Burger King 

Several websites give our free samples of Burger King fries! For starters, try out Free Samples Mail. Only press the blue button, “Get FREEBIE.” All Free Food and drink samples, including Free Chicken Fries at Burger King, will be sent entirely free of charge in the mail. 

Please note that is not affiliated directly with the producers, firms, brands, or distributors of the goods listed on their website.

You can also try the Latest Free Stuff website. Here, you can see various samples from fries, drinks, nuggets, burgers, and more! 

Dairy Queen 

Dairy Queen is a global American ice cream and fast-food restaurant chain. Berkshire Hathaway’s subsidiary operates the company; International Dairy Queen, Inc. Orange Julius also owns International Dairy Queen, Inc., and formerly owned Karmelkorn and Golden Skillet Fried Chicken.

On their website, a separate tab is dedicated to promos alone! Take advantage of this and click here. Remember, their promos change from time to time, so stay tuned and make sure you register your email to their mailing list! 

Wendy’s French Fries

Wendy’s new fries, introduced nationwide in November 2010, have been specifically created to satisfy customers’ demand for better-tasting, higher-quality French fries. 

For extra texture and flavor, they are made from 100 percent Russet potatoes and sliced “natural-style” with the skin on, then cooked in proprietary oil with 0 grams of trans fat per serving. To further improve the taste, they are finished with a dusting of natural sea salt.

Do you want to get free samples? Try out these links: Hunt4Freebies and Guide2Free

How to Get Free Samples of Fries

Image Source: Joyce Panda (Unsplash)


If you’re looking for ready-to-eat fries around your area, try out these companies and food chains now! The best way to get free samples from them is to make sure to be updated on their promos, discounts, and free samples on their website.