Vegetable Sushi Rolls Recipe : Scrummy Snack!

Dying to eat a ginormous platter? The vegetable sushi rolls recipe is exactly the meal you are looking for, when exceptionally hungry. The crusty, smooth and flavorful vegetable rolls when goes into mouth, gives ecstasy to taste buds. It’s an easy swap snack having sticky base of sushi rice filled with healthy and fresh vegetables.

Vegetable Sushi Rolls

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Description: The combination of creamy, crunchy, cool, colorful and crisp ingredients makes the recipe highly adaptable and appreciable. Rolling the sushi at home can be challenging, tricky and intimidating. But when the succulent, juicy and soft salmon nigiri is placed on table, it leaves everyone stunned. If you follow the recipe with proper attention, it’s easily made at home.

Vegetable Sushi Rolls Recipe

Vegetable Sushi Rolls Recipe Ingredients:

  • Japanese Rice – 3 cups
  • Dried Seaweeds – 10 sheets
  • Sesame Seeds – ½ cup
  • Cucumber – 1 piece
  • Carrot – 1 small carrot
  • Avocado – 1 avocado
  • Plum Tomato – 1 piece (seeded)
  • Onion – 1 piece
  • Asparagus spears – 20 spears
  • Wasabi Paste – ½ cup
  • Lettuce – 1 large cup
  • Rice Vinegar – 1/3 cup
  • Ginger – ½ tbsp.
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp.
  • Salt – as per taste

Note: Make the use of ingredients sparingly so that it does not become extra spicy.


Vegetable Sushi Rolls Preparation Steps:


Make sticky and firm rice. Take a steamer or cooker and mix rice along with water. Boil the rice till they become soft. Drain the extra water from the water and take out in a bowl to cool down. The exact steps are mentioned below:

  • Take a large mixing bowl and place the rice in it with cool water. Swirl the rice in the cold water for 2 to 3 times or until the water is clean and clear. Keep pouring the dirty water and rinse again with clean water.
  • Over a high flame, heat the rice and 2 cups of water in cooker. Keep the sauce uncovered, so that it can come to boiling point faster. Turn off the flame after cooking it for 15 minutes and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Note: You can also use saucepan to cook rice.


  • Heat the saucepan over a medium flame, add vinegar sugar and salt as per taste. Stir the mixture till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • In the bowl of rice, drizzle 1/4th tbsp of vinegar mixture over the cooked rice.
  • Take small size bamboo sushi mat. Wrap the mat with the plastic fully covering it. Place a half seaweed sheet rough-side up on the mat.
  • Apply little bit of oil in your palms and take the handful of rice, scoop it over the sheet. Press it with palms to spread the rice evenly up to the edges of the sheet. Sprinkle the top with some sesame seeds.
  • Peel the skin of cucumber and thinly slice all the vegetables along with cucumber.
  • Add the filling into the rice sheet. Spread the spicy and tasty wasabi paste. Insert a few pieces of carrot, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado in a tight pile in the lower third of the sheet.
  • Keep tucking the vegetables as you roll the sushi.  Roll them in the direction away from you. Shift the position of Mat from below to top. Use the shape logs for pressing the roll, using the mat which can help you better.

And the Scrummy Sushi Rolls are ready to eat…cut into equal sized pieces…

Note: While mixing the rice with vinegar mixture, take care not to smash the grains. Use spoon and fold rice gently. Also, peel only the ends of the asparagus.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 155 calories
  • Total Time: PT95M
  • Serves: 12
  • Date Published:

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  • The Vegetable Sushi Rolls Recipe consumes more time in preparing rather than cooking.
  • You may use any ingredients of your imagination in the choice of filling sushi.


Serve the delicious Vegetable Sushi Rolls with pickled ginger and wasabi. Garnish the plate with:

  • Sauces and Cream
  • Vegetable Salad and Fruits