List of Different Samosa Recipe: One Dough Many Type!

The famous samosa snack does not need any sort of introduction or description. Name itself is enough to make you go droll over the dish. Samosa’s are the best snacks to have and most popular street food of India. Each type of different Samosa Recipe is easy to try at home because the dough batter is going to remain the same. It is only the ingredients for the filling inside the Samosa which are different. So you can make any stuffing of your choice with your favorite ingredient.

There are two basic ways to prepare samosa both of them nearly consume the same time but differ in the nutritious values. In the first method, you can deep fry the samosa in the oil. Whereas in the second method, you can have to coat the samosa with oil and keep them for baking.

List of different types of samosa

There are numerous ingredients which can be integrated with the filling of Samosa to make innovate samosa recipe each time. You can be creative with the food available in your kitchen and make any of type of Samosa such as Chole Samosa, chow Mein Samosa, Chinese Samosa, Pasta Samosa, Biryani Samosa Cheese Samosa, Chocolate Samosa, Corn Samosa, Carrot Samosa, Khoya Samosa, Fried Rice Samosa, soya bean Samosa, Pastry Puff Samosa, Jam Samosa, etc.

All these types of Samosa taste extremely delicious and delectable. The platter full of triangle samosa cannot be skipped even though you are on a diet! The crispy and crunchy samosa have the strong aroma and spread aromatic fragrance when they are being fried. The entire taste lies in the colorful stuffing inside the samosa made of various ingredients.


Description of Different Samosa Recipe

Mentioned below is the brief description of various types of delicious and tasty samosa styles.


1.    Aloo Samosa:

It is the most common and the basic type of Samosa made from the mixture of mashed boiled potatoes. It is simple, easy and quick to make at home with an availability of all-purpose flour to make the dough and potatoes for the mixture. Apart from these two core ingredients, you can add other veggies like peas, onions or whole spices and powders to enhance the taste. You may also add grated ginger or use ginger-garlic paste along with the masala paste.

Consuming too much potato can cause the gas issues, so have this lovely samosa with the hot ginger tea and increase your digestion power.

2.    Paneer Samosa:

It is another variety of the Samosa with the stuffing of cottage cheese, surely invented by the paneer lovers! Paneer in any form, with any ingredient, will always taste good. Paneer has no flavor of its own, so the flavors and taste of paneer easily blend with the ingredient you are using along with it. For the preparation of dough, you would require all-purpose flour and for filling you may use extra spice powders and more of red chilies to spice up the paneer stuffing. The samosa does not require much time to cook and also easy to make at home. The only thing to keep in mind is the freshness and the quality of the paneer upon which the dish relies.

There various other food items which can be made from the paneer like paneer rice, snacks such as paneer sandwich, the starter such as chili paneer dry and paneer Manchurian, Punjabi gravy such paneer butter masala, Matar paneer and much more. All these are equally taste and have paneer as the core ingredient along with various other spices.

3.    Jain Samosa:

Imagine if the only reason you would not be able to eat Samosa was its stuffing? How hard would it have been to resist these tempting fried samosa? Thanks for the different types and varieties of samosa which has made the filling of the samosa to be flexible and replaceable with any other ingredients. The mixture remains same as with the plain samosa with the only change of potatoes being replaced with the raw banana. Also, in this version of samosa you are restricted from using the raw ginger/garlic or garlic paste. Rest of the spices and herbs remain as they were and even there is no alternation in the taste, texture or the flavor of the Samosa. You can even keep these samosas between the slices of banana bread and eat as samosa sandwich.

For making this snack a complete treat, you can pair it with the eggless banana cake along with the healthy banana milkshake.

To enhance the flavors of your samosa, any type or with an ingredient, you can always drizzle various types of chutney over the samosa. Pair these lovely samosa’s with hot tea or coffee in the monsoon. You can also use homemade ketchup as the side dip for these delicious fried samosas.