List of Different Barfi Recipe : One Sweet Many Type!

The various types of different Barfi Recipe top the list of sweets during Diwali and festivals as they are quick and easy to make at home. Even the ingredients required for its preparation are handy and easily available. The method of making is also simple and remains same for each type. The only change is the core ingredient which varies in all the recipe and thus there is a variation in the color. The texture may be granulated or smooth depending upon whether you have used Mawa or condensed milk.

List of Different Barfi Recipe

The cooking of Barfi does not need much of elaboration, with the mixing of the base ingredients with each other, your simple sweet gets ready in minutes. If you are passionate about cooking sweets and more about eating them, then you must try these delighting customized forms of Barfi! The sweet Barfi can be eaten alone or with a complete meal of spicy sabzis like Paneer Butter Masala, Bhindi Masala Gravy, along with any kind of Paratha or Luchi and steamed flavorful different type of rice.

Barfi is nothing but the fudge made from milk and cream along with little nuts and other condiments. The taste of Barfi is creamy and rich with nutty flavors of dry fruits used. The strong aroma is attention grabbing and colorful texture is highly tempting. You can prepare Barfi in an oven, cooker or the pan, the only difference would be seen in time.

The various types of Barfi are Pistachio Barfi, Paneer Barfi, Besan Barfi, Dry Fruits Barfi, Maida Barfi, Mango Barfi, Anjeer Mawa Barfi, Apple Barfi and much more. You can make Burfi from various seasonal juicy and pulpy fruits as well as from healthy nuts.


Description of Different Barfi Recipe

Mentioned below is the brief description of the basic types of Barfi in detail from the huge list of possibilities available.


1.    Khoya Barfi:

This is the simplest form of Barfi also called as Mawa Barfi made with only two core ingredients such as cream and milk. It’s the basic version of Barfi known and prepared by all. The taste is mildly sweet with the medium proportion of sugar syrup and texture is smooth with the creamy layer. The preparation is easy and quick with no extra efforts. Gather ingredients and make it with ease.


There are many such sweet or desserts which can be made from Mawa. You can also make an eggless cake from Mawa and even Khoya Ladoo.

2.    Coconut Barfi:

This style of Barfi is made from desiccated coconuts dipped in sugar syrup along with the mixture of condensed milk and cream. The sprinkle of nuts gives nutty aroma and a crunchy much to the smooth and creamy sweet. It can be customized to different colors with the drizzle of color essence or flavored syrups. It is easy to make and a different sweet to try on festivals.


The other food items made from coconut apart from sweet Barfi can be delicious Coconut Ladoo, Coconut Rice, Coconut Raita, Coconut Soup and mild flavored Coconut chutney.


3.    Carrot Burfi:

The sweet carrot Barfi is also healthy due to the calorific benefits of eating carrots. It is a granulated bright orange colored texture with the same sweet, saccharine and creamy taste. The fresh carrots need to be grated and the nuts are roasted before you start making the Halwa. It can be made easily in minutes at home with little preparation. The seasoning of the top layer with saffron strands takes this dish to another level.

The sweet and juicy carrots are also used to make Carrot Halwa, Carrot Soup, Carrot Salad, Carrot Pickle and Carrot Rice.

You can eat as many Barfi pieces as you wish to have until and unless it fits into your controlled diet. This subtle sweet with fascinating flavors can be served with a dish full of Rajasthani cuisine, Gujarati food items, Punjabi Recipes or spicy Hyderabadi variety of food.