List of Different Chutney Recipe : One Dip, Multi Use!

Chutney is the Indian version of the international “Dips.” It has the combination of various Indian condiments with the whole spices and the spice powders. You can add any type of vegetable, fruit, herb, sauce and spice to make chutney of your favorite flavor and taste. The taste of chutney recipe is flexible and it can be either sweet, salty, spicy, mild or tangy.

There are various types of chutney made with different ingredients such as Mint Chutney from mint leaves, Peanut Chutney from peanuts, Ripe Mango Chutney from ripe mangoes, Pomegranate Chutney from pomegranate, Onion Chutney from onions, Tomato Chutney from tomatoes and much more.

Apart from the fact that it perks up the taste factor, chutney also maintains the health factor in its ingredients. The spice powders, the condiments and core ingredients used in Chutney are helpful for the ease of digestion and also acts a good appetizer. The various kinds of Chutney Recipe are popular to accompany the tasty Chaat of different types of various ingredients.

Each different ingredient has their own flavors and integrates their own individual color to the chutney. This gives us chutney of different taste, texture, and colors. The small bowl of chutney occupies no space in the plate and thus can be tucked with food of all types of Cuisine.

The basic ingredients from which chutney can be made are herbs such as coriander leaves, curry leaves, fenugreek leaves, and cilantro leaves, mint leaves, fruits such as coconut, mango, pomegranate, and lemon, spices such as ginger, garlic, tamarind, red chili, green chili, cumin, Asafoetida, tamarind, date and veggies like onions, tomatoes, etc.

Description of Different Chutney Recipe

Mentioned below is a description of the few common types of chutney in detail from the huge collection of chutney’s available.

1.    Coconut Chutney:

The fresh coconut chutney is made from the grated coconut and the roasted Chana dal. It has the combination of spice powders and tempering of crackle mustard seeds with cumin seeds. The smooth texture chutney with simple to make at home. Mix the ingredients and grind them to get consistency. It is the match made in heaven for the dishes of south Indian recipes. The soothing mild flavors of this chutney makes it the perfect accompaniment for the fried idli or the simple idli.

2.    Coriander Chutney:

It is very handy to make with the coriander leaves which are commonly available and the basic spice powders. The green colored chutney with smooth texture stays edible for a long time when stored in the fridge. This is one dip which can be used for multi-purpose and with the dish of any flavor. You can even apply between the bread or the roti. This chutney is the best to match for Rava dhokla, Veg Grilled Sandwich or fried Aloo Tikki. Prepare once and enjoy anytime!

3.    Red Chutney:

It is the hot variation to the red colored tomato chutney. This is made with red chili powder and is too hot to handle. You can adjust the taste of it and make it mild. The chutney is slightly sour and thus cover it with the hot tempering. IT gets prepared in no time when fresh and sizzling red chilies are ready. This spicy chutney can go well with the mild flavored khaman dhokla, various types of samosa, and Chana Dal pakora.


4.    Tamarind Date Chutney:

It is made from the mixture of tamarind and date with the ginger. It is dark red colored chutney and does not need any tempering. The consistency is thin and liquid-like but if you want you can keep it thick with less water. This sweet chutney is so simple to make that you can try it often at home. It can be paired with live dhokla, sandwiches, biscuits such as Astorga puff, breads like Italian Herb bread and Eggless Banana Bread, snack such as Dabeli, Dahi Vada and other Chaat that require sweet yet tangy seasoning.


5.    Green Mango Chutney:

It is the seasonal chutney which needs the raw mango, the one that we use for pickles. The ingredients are simple and easily available at your home. It does not need spice powders or any kind of the tempering. The original flavors of mango are enough to get the basic texture and make chutney tasty. The sour flavored chutney from raw mangoes can be a side serve for various types of rice like Jeera rice or the mango rice.


6.    Curry Leaves Chutney:

This refreshing chutney made from the fresh herbs and the various spices has an aromatic fragrance and strong flavors. It can be prepared quickly in no time with just mixing and grinding ingredient to the paste form. It has green colored texture with thin liquid consistency. Curry leaves have their own raw taste and are good for digestion. Drizzle this chutney over different upma recipe and lemon Rasam.

7.    Garlic Chutney:

This strongly flavored chutney is made with grated garlic and tempered with cumin or mustard seeds. It is extremely sizzling and hot due to various other spice powders. You can it at home in minutes with grinding the ingredient to paste form and cooking the paste to achieve the smooth consistent texture. Serve this healthy and sizzling chutney with all type of Gujarati Cuisines and mild starters.

You can drizzle these tasty chutney’s of various flavors on the top of all kind of snacks either or salty. Make your food even more savory with the seasoning of Chutney! Learn and make today at home in minutes!