Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe : Zest of Spice N Flavor!

Most of the Indian dishes call for an addition of Ginger and Garlic either in paste form or as a whole form. In a lot of Indian dishes, the use of this is almost indispensable. The ginger garlic paste recipe is extremely simple to follow inorder to make the paste at home.

Ginger Garlic Paste

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Description: The ginger garlic paste recipe is simple and easy. It requires only ginger and garlic as the main ingredients. The dip enhances the taste of any dish.

Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe

Ingredients for Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe:

  • Ginger chopped – 1 cup
  • Garlic cloves – 1 cup
  • Salt – 1 tsp
  • Oil – 2 tbsp

Method for Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe:

  • Wash and Pat dry the Ginger.
  • Peel the Ginger and chop into big pieces.
  • Peel garlic cloves.
  • Take a mixture grinder. Add Ginger and Garlic.
  • Also, add salt in it.
  • Grind to a fine paste without adding water.
  • Now take out in a bowl and add oil.
  • Store a dry air tight container.
  • Store in refrigerator.
  • Ginger garlic paste is ready.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 60 calories
  • Total Time: PT10M
  • Serves: 2
  • Date Published:

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Ginger garlic paste is one of the major and an essential part of Indian cooking. It is used almost in all non-vegetarian dishes and a lot of vegetarian dishes also. Almost every kitchen in India has a container of Ginger garlic paste. It is mostly paired with onion and tomato in the gravy. It is also widely used in rice preparations like pulao, biryani.

The Ginger and Garlic used for the paste should be sturdy. They should not appear wilted. They should also be free from molds.


  • Time required is 10 minutes.
  • Serves 1 cup of paste.
  • You can add vinegar also.
  • It can be stored for 2-3 weeks in refrigerator.
  • Some turmeric powder can also be added. It gives a nice texture to the paste.
  • Use an airtight container because the smell is strong and it will leave the smell on other stuff in refrigerator.
  • Do not add water even a bit otherwise the shelf life is reduced.
  • After use immediately put the jar back in refrigerator. This will increase the shelf life of the paste.
  • The proportions of Ginger and Garlic be varied according to your choice.