How to Get Free Samples of Salsa Verde

Are you looking for tasteful snacks to try? Or do you like getting free things in the mail? Then we have good news for you! Some businesses give out free sample boxes in the mail, like salsa verde!

These boxes mostly come out with random food products, but hey, you might be in luck and also get free samples of the salsa verde you’ve been looking for! Are you wondering what do the brands get from this? They get the word out about their products and truthful product feedbacks.

Brands employ sample aggregator businesses to send out their goods. Depending on demographics, location, and how you answer the profile questions, samples can differ. Let’s see how you can get your hands on free salsa verde samples.

How to Get Free Samples of Salsa Verde
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Overview: Where to Get Started

These samples are all free, but you’ll need to do a bit of legwork to get hold of some of them. These may range from tweeting about them to writing a review on a popular shopping site.

Some of the free samples require you to complete a simple form. These are simple tasks in return of samples filled to the brim with products and even (if your extra lucky) full-sized products shipped right at your doorstep.


Now, each time you go to your mailbox, it will feel like Christmas! Discover some of the popular places where you can find free snack, like salsa verde free samples below.


To get started, you may want to search up salsa verde makers or companies like Goya. Goya has a delicious and slightly spicy traditional Mexican salsa. It is made with cilantro, onion, jalapeños, and tomatillos.

GOYA® Salsa Verde is ready to be part of a range of recipes, such as tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and fajitas, or add a spice touch and flavor to any dish. This may just become your new salsa favorite!


Companies who send items to PINCHme hope that you can try their products for a free preview. In your PINCHme box, you’ll even often find coupons to encourage you to try more of their products.

Just take a shopper survey to get started, choose samples to add to your package, and then share your product feedback. Click on the link to join.

Daily Goodie Box

10-500 Goodie Boxes are given away daily here. Daily Goodie Box sends full boxes of free samples in big sizes—sign-up for free to get one and make sure to check your email to apply.

TIP: The key to ensure you get a box is to confirm your email right after signing up and comment on one of their posts on their Facebook page with hashtag #DAILYGOODIEBOX. Click on the link to join.

Try the World

Salsa Verde samples might be tricky to find, but Try the World gives out international snacks for you to try, like HERDEZ® Roasted Salsa Verde!

Every free box contains 7-8 gourmet snacks and treats every month straight from a different land. Best of all, you can try their weekly subscription free of charge for the first month! Click on the link to join.


Imagine getting taste experts to pick treats for you! They do just that with Graze. All you have to do is answer the surveys, tell them precisely what you want, and they will customize each box’s flavors to suit you.

Get four delicious snack samples that you can try for free. Just pay $1 for shipping. Click on the link to join.

Sample Source

You can get free sample boxes four times a year with Sample Source. Items vary from hundreds and thousands of renowned brands. You’ll find available products such as cereals, shampoos, baby wipes, snacks, household items, and more within each package.

To get samples, sign up for free, and you will be ready for the next seasonal sample day when you complete your profile! When new sample boxes are ready to ship, they will contact you via email. Click on the link to join.

How to Get Free Samples of Salsa Verde
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These free sample boxes range on the profile you make, so when you register on any one of them, be sure to answer all the questions to maximize your chances of having the most samples possible.

Some even give you the option of providing input on the free samples you want to obtain and try. And don’t forget to give complete and good feedback once you get your package to improve your chances of having more free samples.

And lastly, to catch them before they’re gone, you’ll want to turn up email subscriptions once there are more samples out there. Samples run out fast, so be sure to be on time.