List of Different Salsa Sauce Recipe: Flavorful Dip!

The Salsa Sauce Recipe are the most popular when it comes to the discussion of dips. These different varieties of salsa sauce have authentic taste and aromatic fragrance. They have thick consistency with a gravy like a texture and a very colorful tempting look. The sauces are the match made in heaven for the tortillas, wraps, burritos, enchiladas, Quesada and all other food dishes of that region.

These different styles of sauces and dips are very easy to make at home and can be prepared in minutes. The only thing is that you must have the required ingredients along with the little time. The best part of these sauces is that once made, you can use them for at least a month if packed properly in the container and stored in a fridge. So, basically, it’s the one time efforts and the long time enjoyment.

list of different types of salsa sauce recipes

To combine the international zest with the Indian food, you can pair these spicy, tangy and sweet sauces with Paratha of different styles and type, any of your favorite crunchy snack as well with the crispy fried or roasted Masala Papad. You may also dip the homemade baked potato chip in any of the flavorful salsa sauce.

There various such kinds of sauces, seasoning, and dips which are originated from the Mexicana Cuisines. Grilled Pineapple Salsa, Cucumber Salsa, Cilantro Salsa, Cherry Tomato Salsa, Fruit Salsa, Watermelon Salsa, Zucchini Salsa, etc. are the few names among the huge collection of salsa sauces over the world.


Description of Different Salsa Sauce Recipe

Mentioned below is the brief description of various types of spicy, tasty, sweet and delicious salsa sauce.


1.    Chunky Salsa Sauce:

It is the spiciest version of the Salsa Sauce made from the combination of various veggies with the bell peppers and red chilies along with the high, overpowering and extra spicy herbs and spice powders. To increase the heat of the sauce, you may also use the hot pepper sauce and the ginger-garlic paste. The tantalizing taste of this salsa sauce is sure to twirl your taste buds. You can tweak with its original taste and adjust the spiciness according to the suitability of your taste buds. It is the red colored sauce with the granulated texture of the puree having thick consistency with roughly chopped veggies. You can definitely attempt to make this sauce fresh once at home rather than buying from the market.


2.    Mango Salsa Sauce:

If you have always tasted sweet dishes of mangoes and think they can only be sweet in flavor, then you are in a misconception. This spicy variation to the sweet mangoes will steal your heart away. The spices and herbs used in making this dip have submerged the sweetness of mangoes deep within them leaving only the raw flavor and tanginess of mangoes. The spicy bell peppers and red chilies perk up the heat for the salsa sauce making it highly tasty and a delectable dip. In the season of mangoes, you must definitely not miss on this salsa sauce. It also the refreshing and reviving sauce due to the overpowering flavors of mint in it. Thinking a bit creative, you can pair this salsa sauce with the tangy flavored raw mango rice.

3.    Tomato Salsa Sauce:

It a tangy flavored salsa sauce made from tomatoes along with the mixture of other veggies and the fresh herbs. The sprinkle of oregano, coriander leaves, jalapeno enhances the tastes and the flavors of the sauce. There is tartness of lemon which combines perfectly with the juicy and tangy tomatoes. It is an evergreen and most common recipe of the salsa sauce. It’s equally easy and quick to prepare at home, with mashing and blending the ingredients together to make the puree form. The pungent aroma of onions mixes with the sourness of the lemon. The refreshing mint flavors of cilantro and other herbs overpowers the actual aroma of the dish. Have it with your favorite snack and perk up the taste of that food.


There are various tangy food dishes prepared from tomato apart from the tomato salsa sauce such as most common appetizer known to us roasted tomato soup or raw tomato soup, tomato salad, tomato curry, tomato ketchup , tomato rice and much more.


Also, there are various other dips in the Mexican Cuisine which pair perfectly with the crunchy corn chips and tasty kidney bean tacos. One among them is the Guacamole Dip made from Avocado and Tabasco Sauce. It is also easy to prepare at home with an availability of required ingredients. You can even pair it with the veg grilled sandwich to enhance its taste and flavors giving it Mexican variation. It’s the simple and the authentic dip which the variety of flavors and colors in it.

In a similar manner, there are various kinds of sauces in the Chinese Cuisine which can pair with your favorite Chinese savory like Veg Hakka Noodles, Corn Manchurian, etc. The most common amongst them is the super spicy and tasty Schezwan Sauce which is made from shallots, peppers, tomatoes and veggies having the Chinese zest in it. It’s easy to make at home provided you have the ingredients ready and you can bear with the heat of the sauce both while making and eating.

You must try these quick and instant recipes if you are an avid fan of dips, sauces, and seasonings.