List of Different Dhokla Recipe : One Dish Many Flavors!

The famous Gujarati Dhokla are made from the fermented rice batter and the chickpea. The soft and spongy Dhokla pairs perfectly for the light breakfast, a side serve or an accompaniment, as a fluffy snack or as the heavy meal.  The beautifully decorated platter of Dhokla is surely an amazing vision for eyes and an incredible taste is a treat for your taste palates. They are light to consume and quick to make, which makes them the best option for any day instant meal.

Types of Dhokla Recipes


There is no another snack to beat the charm of bright yellow colored Dhokla with the drizzle of spicy, sweet and tangy chutney’s and seasoned with tempering. The crackling seasoning combines with the sizzling sauces to release strong aroma all over the kitchen. The texture is smooth, soft and spongy whereas the taste of this subtle Dhokla is strong and impactful. The Dhokla are steamed and thus this way of preparing makes their digestion easy and healthy for the body.

The traditional Gujarati food item is cooked quickly in less than half an hour. The core ingredients remain same, whereas you can customize as much as you want with another ingredient you want to integrate into the making of Dhokla. The versatility of the dish depends on the availability of the food and spice powders in the cabinets of your kitchen. Considering Dhokla in your diet is beneficial because of high proteins in the gram flour and the chickpea. Eat them alone or pair them with any chilled refresher like salted Lassi for easy digestion.

Whichever ingredient you choose, the delicious flavors and simplicity of the Dhokla will leave you fascinated.  You can even be creative with the Dhokla and can make dishes such as Dhokla Subzi, Dhokla Shimla Mirch, Dhokla Bahar, Methi Palak Dhokla, Corn Dhokla, Moong Dal Dhokla, Soya Dhokla, Sprouts Dhokla, Pav Bhaji Dhokla, Oats Dhokla, Poha Dhokla, Carrot Dhokla and much more.  Few among such different types are discussed here.

Description of Different Dhokla Recipe

Mentioned below is the detailed description of the few common types of dhokla variety in detail from the  available collection of Dhokla.

1.   Rava Dhokla Recipe:

This is the most common and simple style of making Dhokla. It is made with semolina and has the seasoning of tempering with cumin seeds and coriander leaves. You can serve these soft white colored Dhokla with the coriander chutney or the green mango chutney. It is easy to make Rava dhokla at home regardless of your cooking knowledge. You can use either steamer, pressure cooker or microwave, learn today and prepare!

2.   Live Dhokla Recipe:

Here is presenting one more variety of Dhokla which is highly popular street food and served on various occasions. The live counters are made and there these dhoklas are instantly prepared fresh on the order of customers. The popularity of this dish is in the simple presentation and easy preparation. The difference lies in the thin texture and the bright mustard color of the Dhokla. There is no tempering or seasoning of chutney over them but the drizzle of oil drops. The popular luscious live dhokla is quick to cook with little pre-preparation. They go best with the sieving of sweet tamarind date chutney. Learn today and make for a small home party!

3.   Khaman Dhokla Recipe:

The texture and taste of the Dhokla are so much similar to Khaman that they can be considered as one type and also can be interchanged at times. It has some sort of extra spongy compared to other Dhokla. The batter is healthy and soft without any lumps. The preparation is basic with the core ingredients and the necessary tempering of spice seeds and powders. So, gather the required ingredients and start to prepare khaman dhokla. Spice up the taste of mild Dhokla with the red chutney or the garlic chutney.

All these varieties of Dhokla Recipe are simply amazing that you are sure to earn laurels! Be innovate to the core and make each with ease at home! Enjoy all the Different flavors of Gujarat in one Gujarati food. Good Luck!