List of Different Paratha Recipe: Pleasing Indian Breads!

The Paratha Recipe is nothing but the multi-layer roti or the flatbread made from the whole wheat flour. The healthy and the tasty paratha are easy to make at home within minutes with the fresh wheat flour or the left-over wheat dough. So you can consider them to be the best companion for the morning breakfast or the heavy snack. They come under the category of the Indian bread but are popular all over the world.

List of different types of parathas

There are different ways to make the paratha. You can choose any method which is flexible for you according to the time and utensil you have. The basic ingredients remain the wheat flour whereas the filling of paratha keeps changing with the addition of other ingredients. You can have spicy, sweet, cheesy, salty, tangy or tart flavored paratha. If you choose green leaf and veggies, then you can also make healthy paratha. Generally, the preparation is done in ghee, but you may use oil.

Paratha is one of those rare Indian dishes that you can relish in all courses of the day.  They are generally popular in the north India and can be eaten with the north Indian cuisines like the salted Lassi, various types of Raita and the Punjabi sabzi. At times when you lack the vegetable, you can also have them with the Dal, any kind of chutney or spicy dips like flavorful salsa sauce. You don’t have to wait for a particular time of day to enjoy these lovely parathas. Without any specific period  or occasions, you can take the bites out of hot plain paratha or the paratha’s with the spicy filling.

Apart the simplest and basic form of paratha, i.e. Plain Paratha the other different varieties are Paneer Paratha,  Aloo Paratha, Chana Dal Paratha, Vegetable Paratha, Methi Paratha, Palak Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mooli Paratha. There is the minor difference between the plain and the Lachedar paratha, and that is the layers and their thickness. Check all these different types, have the knowledge of their preparation and make one today!


Description of Different Paratha Recipe

Mentioned below is the detailed description of few varieties of refreshing Raita dish with unique flavors, amazing texture, and awesome taste. The preparation of paratha is not at all complex nor complicated, it is easy can be made in minutes at home.


1.    Pudina Paratha:

It is made from fresh and refreshing mint leaves. This delicious multi-layer paratha gets prepared in no time provided that you have the dough ready and now you only have to roll this paratha into the shape. The mint flavored paratha has the crispy, creamy and the crunchy layer with a flaky texture integrated into the flavors of wheat bread. The process is time-consuming and tedious but the final taste of this Pudina Paratha will take your breath away. The do not tastefully of mint flavor because there is a balance of other spices as well. You can pair it with mint Raita, mint chutney or coriander chutney and mild flavored Dahi Aloo sabzi or any other like Bhindi Masala gravy.

2.    Lachedar Paratha:

This too is a creamy multilayered paratha made from all-purpose flour. The fluffy paratha are yummy and healthy to eat and you cannot be content with one but they are highly tummy filling. They are generally served in restaurants but if tried with caution they can be easily cooked at home. They have thick layers but you can also make thin layer paratha so that cooking them does cause burning of the layer. There is more than one way to prepare this paratha, you can choose any one which is comfortable for you. It is one kind of paratha-style usually popular in the north Indian cuisine. You can pair them with Onion Raita, Red Chutney or Subzi like Dahi Bhindi.

3.    Cheese Paratha:

It is one kind of paratha made from the whole wheat flour with an extraordinary filling of cheese. You can use any kind of cheese for the filling, but make sure that you do not turn them to be very heavy. They can be eaten alone for the breakfast along with ketchup or the salsa dip or can be made to eat with the meal. Pair these delicious parathas with the cottage cheese sabzi like paneer butter masala, etc. along with the side serving of refreshing cucumber Raita, Garlic Chutney and tasty Masala Papad for the crunch. It is advisable to serve them hot and right from the pan because the melted cheese tastes outrageously delicious.


4.    Onion Paratha:

This is another kind of paratha made from whole wheat flour with the filling of chopped onions, either raw or in the sauteed form. It can be prepared quickly at home with ease and thus is one of the best options for brunch or breakfast. It is tasty and delicious with the pungent aroma of onions. To make this paratha healthy, you can cook them in any kind of oil which is hearty. There is the combination of a smooth creamy layer with the crunch of raw onions when you take the bite. You can also add garlic or use ginger-garlic paste to spread over these parathas. You may pair it with crunchy Boondi Raita, tangy Green Mango Chutney, or sizzling sabzi like Bhindi Do pyaza. Also, have the glass of sweet Lassi to kick start your day.

5.  Peas Paratha:

This variety of Paratha is made by flattening the small balls from wheat flour dough and stuffed with the mashed pea-masala powder mixture. It is easy to make at home once you know the knack of rolling the dough balls. The health benefits of pea’s make it an appropriate tummy filling option for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. You can vary its taste as preferable to your taste buds. You can roast the paratha on tava or shallow fry in a pan, the choice is yours. The sweet peas are mashed and blended with the herbs, spice powders and other condiments. It releases fragrant aroma and has a really tempting taste. You apply ghee or butter over the warm paratha. If you are planning to make Matar Paneer for your meal, then having it with Pea Paratha would be the best option. You can also eat it with any yogurt dish such as Pea Raita or any spicy pickle. Making Pea Salad along with the Pea Paratha for the breakfast is indeed the great combination for the perfect start to the day.

You can pair the paratha with different types of chilled Raita, Dal Makhani, spicy pickles, tomato ketchup/ tomato curry or any other curry as well with hot and sizzling Punjabi sabzi.