List of Different Raita Recipe: Types of Cooling Side Serve!

The Raita Recipe is the yogurt based dish which can be served in the form of chilled side accompaniment with the complete heavy meal. There is numerous variation to the flavors of the Raita and the texture of the dish is dependent on the ingredients used. They are the refreshing and helpful in summers due to cooling properties of Yogurt.

You can make sweet, salt, spicy or tangy Raita based upon the kind of vegetables or the fruits you mix with the thick heavy and whisked Curd. You can add herbs, veggies, spices and your favorite seasonings to have Raita more savory and flavorful. You can be flexible with the spices and either increase or decrease their proportion as per your taste palates.

list of different types of raitas

The various kinds of Raita available are Mango Raita, Vegetable Raita, Onion Tomato Raita, Coriander Raita, Capsicum Raita, Carrot Raita and much more.

The basic method to prepare the Raita stays the same irrespective of which ingredients you choose to make the Raita with. All these types of Raita are easy and quick to make at home with little or almost no cooking. The only thing to be cautious about making Raita is to check the Curd before using, it must be fresh and must not taste too sour.

You can make each and every variety of Raita from the different collection instantly at home with ease. Raita is only one kind of Curd based dishes, there are various curd recipes which are equally tasty.


Description of Different Raita Recipe

Mentioned below is the detailed description of few varieties of refreshing Raita dish with unique flavors, amazing texture, and awesome taste.

1.    Cucumber Raita:

It is one of the best Raita dishes made from fresh curd and cucumbers. It is easy, quick and simple to make and mostly preferred during the fast. It has the combination of various flavors with the smooth creamy white texture having the color of cucumber. There is a milky fragrance with the pungent aroma of onions within this Raita. It requires no cooking only you have to chop and assemble the ingredients. It is one of the best cooling sides serves with heavy meals. You may sprinkle spice powders or avoid using them. This crunchy cucumber Raita can be paired with Jeera rice, roasted potato, Aloo Chana Chaat, paneer samosa and any other crispy or fried snack.

2.    Mint Raita:

It is the most refreshing Raita with the reviving flavors of fresh mint leaves. It’s also easy and quick to prepare at home with an availability of core ingredients mint and curd along with some salt and black pepper. You can chop or grind the mint leaves and mix with the curd, check the seasoning and add some spicy zing. It’s refreshing flavors and the impactful taste makes its match made in heaven for the all starters and appetizer foods. The freshness of this Raita is really helpful during the hot and humid days of summer. You can serve this mint Raita Hyderabadi biryani, paneer pulao or Pudina paratha.


3.    Onion Raita:

It is also one of the cooling sides serves for the summers which require no cooking. It uses onions are the core ingredient with the Curd, and both of them are good for summers. There is the pungent aroma of onion in this Raita along with the sour taste of Curd. You can sprinkle all types of spice powders and season it with salt. You can mix raw onions or even sauté the onions before adding. The chilled onion Raita is a great accompaniment to a full meal dish consisting of tasty sabzi, Pulao, Lachedar paratha, any kind of chutney and small portions of sweets.


4.    Pineapple Raita:

This delicious, sweet and tasty Raita is made from the fresh and juicy pineapples mixed along with the core ingredient Curd. The nutritional benefits of the Pineapple make this Riata perfect for summers. The combination of these two ingredients with the other whole spices and Indian condiments is worth to try and look for. It is easy to prepare at home in few minutes with nothing to do apart from chopping the pineapple and mixing it with the whisked curd. Sprinkle some spice powders and herbs, check for seasoning and keep it to cool.


Apart from Raita pineapple can be used to make Pineapple Rice, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple Halwa, Pineapple Salad, etc.


5.    Boondi Raita:

This variety of the Raita is salty with the crunch of fried Boondi. The extraordinary flavors of this Raita are extremely soothing, chilling and refreshing. The creamy texture of the curd has the crunchy and crispy touch of the Boondi. The other spice powders and the side ingredients remain same and you can even use more. It can be prepared quickly and easily provided that Bondi is already fried and seasoned with salt. It is also the most common type of Raita and generally preferred with various Gujarati food.

Salted Bondi goes very well with the Jal Jeera refresher and all different type of Chaat Recipes. Whereas the Sweet Boondi can be used to make Boondi Ladoo.


6.    Fruit Raita:

Out of all the Raita Recipe so far, this is the most colorful and the flavor Raita which uses all sorts of fresh and seasonal fruits along with the thick heavy Curd. The creamy texture of the dish looking highly tempting and it has really strong and impactful flavors with the beautiful aroma. There is harmony between ingredients for health and taste in this Raita. It has a magical mixture of sweet and sour taste. The dish is so delicious that it can also be served as dessert. It has the diversity of fragrance and flavors due to various fruits. You can use as many as fruits you want but not citrus fruits.


Apart from fruit Raita, you can make fruit custard, eggless fruit cake, fruit bread, fruit cake with egg, fruit salad, fruit juice, fruit mousse, etc. from the different types of fruit.


7.    Vegetable Raita:

The Vegetable Raita is made with various chopped veggies mixed in fresh yogurt. It is one of the healthiest way to include all the raw veggies in your diet. The chilled vegetable Raita is a great accompaniment to your complete meal in the sunny days. It is very tasty, flavorful, colorful and full of nutrients. There is beautiful blend of various vegetables with each other along with the other spice powders. The best part of this Raita is though it may take many ingredients, it is very simple to make at home and gets ready within no time. You just have to chop those veggies and mix them with the whisked curd, and later on season with the Indian condiments. You can alter the recipe and give it your variation.


You may have this delightful vegetable Raita with any vegetable curry. The Raita is very much similar to the making of the Russian vegetable salad. The fresh and green veggies are always healthy for health and you can make vegetable soup, vegetable paratha, vegetable sushi rolls, vegetable biryani, vegetable Spanish rice, vegetable Hakka noodles, etc. from various chopped veggies.


You can pair the chilled Raita with hot Dal, different flavors of rice, all sort of fried or normal snacks, various different type of paratha, any kind of spicy curry as well hot and sizzling sabzi.