List of Different Rice Recipe: Variation To Plain Rice!

The one pot Rice Recipe can be sweet, tangy, savory, salty, spicy or mixed having the combination of all. The taste of the rice dish depends on upon the main ingredient you are using to make it, as the rest of spices are going to remain same for all. These recipes from rice have fantastic flavors with each having the fabulous variation of taste and texture.

The rice is available in various types of colors such a white rice, black rice, red rice and brown rice. Each and every variety of rice has its own health benefits and nutritional values. They vary not only in color but also in texture, type, and size. You can use any variety of rice but generally, the most preferred are the steamed basmati rice.

The best part of the rice dish is that they are light to consume and can be eaten by people of all age group. The evolution of the rice dish goes from simple rice to the spicy rice. It is a staple food for most of the people and holds an important part of their regular diet. You can eat rice as one meal dish or as a side accompaniment to the full heavy meal.

Most of the South Indian Cuisine food items are made from the plain white Rice or its flour. The different type of rich dish is Coconut Rice, Curry Lead Rice, Tomato Rice, Curd Rice, Kashmiri Rice, Peas Rice, Mixed Vegetable Rice, Ghee Rice, etc.


Description of Different Rice Recipe

Mentioned below is the detailed description of few varieties of Rice dish with fabulous flavors and amazing taste.

1.    Spanish Rice:

This variety of rice dish is made keeping tomatoes and the Chunky Salsa Sauce at the center of the recipe. It also uses basic ingredients like onions and bell peppers along with common spice powders for the spicy seasoning of rice. It has the perfect balance between spicy and tangy flavors. This recipe has a different method to cook which is easy compared to others. It is light red colored rice which various other colorful veggies. You can pair this light to consume brown rice with sabzis like Kadala Curry or Dahi Bhindi and any type of paratha. This simple Spanish rice can also go with Mango Salsa.


2.    Masala Rice:

It is plain rice recipe in which all kind of different fresh and green vegetables are mixed. It has the tempering of cumin and mustard seeds along with the seasoning of various spice and masala powders. You can be flexible with the type of ingredients and also with the way of cooking this rice. You may sprinkle some fresh herbs over the cooked rice. The rice grains are long and do not stick, it has a very aromatic fragrance. You can have it along with pickle, tomato curry or onion Raita. The side serves of salted Lassi with being an additional treat. You also have some crunchy snack.

3.    Mango Rice:

This variety of rice has tartness in its flavors because it is made from raw unripe mangoes with a squeeze of citrus lemon. It also has the subtle taste of grated coconuts and little spiciness of chilies. The taste is enhanced with the tempering of seeds in hot oil and has a sprinkle of curry leaves which adds its own raw taste. You can also mix peanut paste which releases strong aroma all over the place. You can have this rice with tangy green mango chutney and also keep the small piece of Mango Halwa in your dish. The treat to your sweet tooth will be the serve of mango Kulfi or mango milkshake along with this raw mango rice.


4.    Jeera Rice:

This type of rice is the simplest form amongst the various different rice dishes. It is quick, easy and instant to prepare with only two core ingredients such as rice and cumin seeds. There are two types of methods to make it. Either you can mix rice with the tempering or you can do that later separately. Whichever way you make, be cautious about making the rice loose. It is the highly popular dish of North Indian Cuisine and can be made even by a novice. This plain Jeera rice with the tempering of cumin seeds can go perfectly with highly any Punjabi sabzi Paneer Butter Masala, Matar Paneer, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhani along with the chilled refresher like Jal Jeera.


5.    Veg. Hyderabadi Biryani

This kind of rice has its unique flavors due to its authentic taste and originality of the ingredients. It is made with rice mixed all type of different veggies, different curry, and a spicy masala paste. It can be eaten raw or in the completely cooked form. It’s a spicy and sizzling rice recipe which can make you sweat. Though sounds tough it is relatively easy to make at home with whichever ingredients are available in your kitchen. You can cook the biryani in the cooker or the pan, use the one which is comfortable. It is a bit time consuming but with little pre-preparation it can be made quickly. It is the best recipe amongst all the different types of Hyderabadi food items. You can pair it with sweet pineapple Raita or refreshing mint Raita.


6.    Paneer Pulao

Out of numerous dishes prepared from rice, the one’s made from paneer are the most popular. The addition of Paneer increases the taste value and the palatability of the rice dish. Here we can mix any other vegetable along with paneer, and the spice powders and other herbs remain same. With little efforts, you can make it in minutes if you already have cottage cheese at home. The specialty of the dish is the Marination of the paneer in the masala paste.  You can have it with Spicy Dal fry, mild Sabzi like Dahi Aloo and the crunchy Cucumber Raita along with healthy refresher like Pineapple Juice.


7.   Ghee Rice

We all know the health benefits of consuming ghee. What better way to include ghee in our meal than with the staple food rice. This rice is cooked with the ghee as the core ingredient along with the few other Indian condiments. This type of rice can be prepared instantly with the availability of only few ingredients. The strong aroma of ghee is irresistible and sprinkle of dry fruits is appealing to eyes. There is combination of smoothness and crunchiness in the texture of this rice. The herbs used enhances the flavors of the dish.

You can pair this rice with Punjabi subzi or curries such as Paneer Bhurji Gravy , Bharwan Bhindi, or with any type of chutney or along with the Dal.

8.    Beetroot Rice

There are immense health benefits of having beetroot. We generally have it plain in the form of salad, but it can be used to make variety of food, and such food dish is the beetroot rice. It gives rice all new look and color. The sweet taste of beetroot blends beautifully with the flavors of the spice powders and fresh herbs. You can add any other vegetable of your choice in the rice and top it with the tempering. The rice can be easily made with no extra efforts, the only time you have to be cautious is while choosing the beetroots. The entire taste and quality of the rice is dependent on the type of beetroots you choose.

The other food dishes which you can make from beetroot as Beetroot Salad, Beetroot Juice, Beetroot Sandwich, Beetroot Halwa, Beetroot Tikki, and many such other food varieties.


9.    Mint Rice

For the days when you are looking for a healthy and refreshing meal, this Mint Rice can be an appropriate option. It is the simplest of the rice dish, where you only have to fresh mint leaves. All the other spice powders and condiments used are commonly available and thus it can be made quickly. You can cook this rice either in pan or in the pressure cooker as your preference. Also, you can be flexible with its taste and adjust the proportion of spices. The mint not only gives the reviving flavors in the mouth but it is also good for health. You can cook this rice once and pack for other days too.

It tastes best when paired with the chilled Mint Raita. You can also eat with the mild Dal or the mild flavored vegetable curry. If you have made Mint Paratha, then apply some Mint chutney or any type of chutney over it and eat with rice.


10.    Herb Rice

This rice can be made at home without much of cooking. It is a one dish meal which takes care of your health as well as balances the factors of taste and flavors. It is generally served it restaurant but with availability of fresh herbs such as parsley leaves or basil leaves, you can make at home in almost no time. You can tweak with the basic flavors of the dish and make its taste as suitable for you taste palates. In its preparation, you can add any veggie of your choice, you may top the rice with your favorite seasoning and for the extra zest of spice you can add green chilies or red chili powder. The tempering for the rice is optional but it enhances the taste. The delectable aroma of herb rice is totally tempting.

Have this delicious rice dish with curry of your choice. You can eat alone along with any hot and warm soup. And if you have paratha, then you can make a complete meal for yourself.


11.    Tomato Biryani

We all usually have the normal Biryani, but try this Tomato Biryani having the little tweak in taste with the use of tomatoes. This biryani is made in the similar manner as the other biryani’s which you make at home. This tomato biryani can be prepared in cooker or pan. It uses few handful of ingredients including some of the vegetables you prefer to add, spice powders and condiments which raise the taste of Biryani and lastly chopped herbs for the fragrance and garnishing. This bright and colorful Biryani looks highly tempting and tastes extremely delicious. The fresher the tomatoes, the better the biryani would taste. You may add the cream or the almond paste for the smooth texture of the Biryani. It does not take much time, just half an hour and its ready. Ideally, you can make this dish for your any-time meal or even serve to your guest in the party.

You can serve this tangy tomato Biryani with the Tomato curry and the Tomato Raita. If you love the taste of tomatoes, then have the roasted tomato soup with this tomato biryani as an appetizer.

You can pair the hot and steamed rice with any kind of curry, hot and spicy Dal, anyone amongst various types of Raita, spicy pickle, and Sweet Lassi. The side serve of Masala Papad will add a bit of crunch while eating.