List of Different Chaat Recipe : One Snack Many Style!

The Chaat Recipe is the most common street food in India. It is available in almost every other restaurant or the street stalls. It’s made at home every now and then whenever one wishes to have the spicy and tasty snack. These all-time favorite snack of Indian’s have earned the fan following worldwide. It is nothing less than an exciting plate of extraordinary flavors.

The amazing colors and the tempting flavors of the Chaat make it tough for anyone to resist having it. It is loaded with crunchiness along with some creaminess. It has spice due to chutney and chilies which blend well with the contrasting sweet flavor dips and fruits. The peppy spices perk up your taste buds whereas the nutty dry fruits raise your senses of taste. The different kinds of Chaat names from the collection are Aloo and Peas Chaat, Aloo Paneer Chaat, Sprouts Chaat, Raw Mango Chaat, Palak Chaat, Idli Chaat, Boondi Chaat, Cutlet Chaat, Oats Chaat, etc.

List of different types of chaat recipes

There are almost more than 500 varieties of Chaat available. You can make Chaat from any basic ingredient to rarely available ingredient. The preparation and the method to make the Chaat remains the same, you only have to change the filling of the core ingredients.


Description of Different Chaat Recipe

Mentioned below is the detailed description of different types of spicy, tasty and delicious Chaat dish with extraordinary flavors, colorful look, crunchy texture seasoned with creamy crud and various types of chutney.

1.    Dahi Papdi Chaat:

The delicious Chaat has the crunchy Papdi as the base with the seasoning of Dahi along with the mashed potato mixture. In the filling of the Chaat, you can add as many veggies, fruits, herbs as you like to make it healthy, tasty and colorful. It is very popular street food and the plate of Dahi Papdi Chaat is highly tempting and mouthwatering. With little preparation and availability of ingredients, it can be easily made at home in minutes. It goes best with the seasoning of coriander chutney and the tamarind date chutney.


Dahi or yogurt is really good for health and thus other food items from Dahi are sabzi like Dahi Aloo and Dahi Bhindi, snacks like Dahi Vada and all type of Raita which are made from Dahi. All these food items are equally delicious.

2.    Aloo Chana Chaat:

It is the Chaat recipe made from the mashed mixture of steamed potatoes with the boiled chickpea. It has the combination of spicy flavors with the sweet flavors due to the seasoning of red hot chutney and tamarind date chutney. It has the tangy flavors with the squeeze of lemon juice and fresh flavors of sprinkled coriander leaves. It is quick and easy to assemble the ingredients and make the Chaat if you have already boiled potatoes, chickpea and made the chutney in advance. You may also pair this Chaat with the lemon squash and make it even more refreshing.


Aloo or potato is the most common ingredient that we use and generally available in everyone’s kitchen. The other food dishes made from simple Aloo are Aloo Pakora, Aloo Capsicum, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Paratha and much more.

3.    Corn Chaat:

This variety of Chaat turns the delicious sweet corns into the spicy and tangy corns. It is one of the best Chaat to have during monsoon season with the pinch of lemon, salt, and black pepper over it. The seasoning of chopped coriander and the parsley leaves over the Chaat makes it refreshing with aromatic fragrance. It is also one the simplest Chaat which gets prepared in no time with no cooking. It has other veggies apart from corns, spice powders, and Chaat masala which blend so well that they give highly tempting taste. The colorful Chaat is light and healthy to have any time of the day.


It is good to consume corn due to its calorific and nutritional value. The other food items from corn are Sweet Corn Soup, Corn Salad, Corn Manchurian, Corn Patties, Corn Subzi, Corn Rice etc.


4.    Papdi Chaat:

It is the single dish which can hundreds of flavors in it. The base is the crispy Papdi which is topped with the variety of tasty, spicy and colorful ingredients. You can choose fresh fruits, green veggies, refreshing herbs, spicy bell peppers and various other spice powders. It is an interesting Chaat which can impress you with its look and taste. You can top the Chaat with thick Sev, the drizzle of sauces and chutney, a sprinkle of coriander leaves, and some healthy topping of nuts. It releases strong nutty aroma all over the place which instantly grabs the attention.


You can make it quickly at home if you have got Papdi and chutney ready in advance. You can this crunchy Papdi Chaat with a creamy and chilled refreshers like Mango Mastani or the Almond Mango Milkshake.

5.    Chana Chaat:

Here is the delicious combination of healthy with taste. It is made with beans as the core ingredients along with the mashed mixture of other veggies, whole spices, and Indian condiments. It is easy to integrate the nutritious chickpea into this spicy and tangy Chaat. The preparation is also easy and requires only the boiling of the Chana. Once done, you only have to mix them with other ingredients. You can use any many fresh herbs as you like and can make it either spicy or slightly mild. You can have it any type of chutney but the tangy green mango chutney would go best with it.


The other food items made from boiled Chana or chickpea are fried fritters like Chana Dal Pakora, vegetable curry like Chickpea Curry, Chana Rice, Chana paratha, etc.


6.    Fruit Chaat:

The combination of sweet fruits with the spicy and tangy spice powders is commendable is this Fruit Chaat dish. It is easy and simple to prepare at home. You only need to have the fresh fruits and Chaat masala to sprinkle over these juicy fruits. If you are making it as per the season, then it is advisable to use the seasonal fruits otherwise you can combine more than one fruit. The preparation is easy, chop the fruits, sprinkle the seasoning and mix them well. It does not only taste good but also helps maintain our hydration is summers. For any busy day, this type of healthy Chaat is preferred.


The other food items made from a combination of various Fruits are Fruit Salad, Fruit Juice, Fruit Custard, Fruit Ice-Cream, Eggless Fruit Cake, Fruit Rice, Fruit Raita, and many such more dishes.


7.    Kala Chana Chaat:

The Kala Chana Chaat does the complete justice with the nutrient quotient of the Black Chickpea. You have heard about simple Chaat but this one can beat all of the above with its health content along with the flavorful taste. For its preparation, you would require the chickpeas, chopped veggies, herbs and only the common masala powder for Chaat. You may sprinkle the coriander leaves or parsley leaves and squeeze lime juice over itss top. If you are planning to make this Chaat, then you would need to have the advance preparation as the chickpea needs to be soaked overnight. You may make similar Chaat with yellow or green lentils.

The other food items made from boiled Kala Chana or chickpea are Kadala Curry, Masala Chana, Kala Chana Kabab,  and much more.


Enjoy these tasty Chaat in any season! You can make Chaat of various crunchy biscuits or crispy fried snacks like pakora or any type of samosa.

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