Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe : Delicious Snack with Curd!

The delicious Dahi Papdi Chaat is a common street snack in India which is also served in various restaurants serving fast food. With little efforts of preparation and availability of fresh curd, Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe can be tried at home. It is popular among the various Chaat dishes due to the beautiful blend of spicy and sweet flavors with sour curd.

Dahi Papdi Chaat

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Description: The Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe is similar to the regular Papdi Chaat. It has an addition of yogurt topping which makes it sour with sweet, sweet and tangy.

Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe

Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe Ingredients:

  • Chickpeas – 1 cup
  • Sprout Beans – ½ cup
  • Raw Mangoes – ¼ cup
  • Thick Curd – 1 cup
  • Fried Papdi – 12 pieces
  • Potatoes – 1 cup
  • Tomatoes – 1 cup
  • Onions – 1 cup
  • Chaat Masala – ½ tsp.
  • Coriander Powder – ¼ tsp.
  • Cumin Powder – ¼ tsp.
  • Dry Mango Powder – ½ tsp.
  • Black Pepper Powder – ½ tsp.
  • Red Chili Powder – 1 tsp.
  • Asafoetida (hing) – a pinch
  • Green Chillies – ½ cup
  • Pomegranate Seeds – ¼ tsp.
  • Coriander Chutney – 1 cup
  • Tamarind Date Chutney – 1 cup
  • Coriander Leaves – ½ cup
  • Lemon Juice – 1 tsp.
  • Thick Sev – 1 cup
  • Sugar – ¼ tsp.
  • Salt – as per taste.

Note: You can use any other veggie or spice powders of your choice. You may use chutney of various flavors like sweet, spicy, mint and tangy. You can sprinkle 1 to 2 pinches Asafoetida (hing) only if you like its taste and flavors.

Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe Steps:


  • Prepare Potatoes:
    • Boil the potatoes in the prestige pressure cooker at medium heat.
    • Once cooked, pull them out and peel off their skin.
    • You can either chop them or mash them.
    • When you crumble them, take care you do it with light hands.
  • Steam Sprouts:
    • In a shallow pan heat the water on the medium flame.
    • Steam the sprouts for some time.
    • Add a little salt and let them cook.
    • Once cooked, take them to a bowl and drain the water.
  • Yogurt Mixture:
    • Take a mixing bowl and transfer 2 cups of yogurt into it.
    • Now beat the curd until it takes smooth and creamy texture.
    • Stir in sugar and whisk well.
    • Check taste and add a pinch of salt.
  • Boil the Chickpeas prior to using them.
    • Wash the chickpeas with cold water.
    • Strain the extra and the dirty water.
    • Dry the chickpea with the cloth.
    • Boil the water in the pressure cooker.
    • Add some salt into the water.
    • Keep the chickpeas to cook.
    • Cover the lid of the pressure cooker.
    • Let chickpeas cook.
    • When they become soft, take out.
    • Drain off the excess water.
  • Wash and deseed green chilies. Break their steam and chop them.
  • Rinse, wash and finely chop coriander leaves, tomatoes, onions and raw mangoes.
  • Prepare the minced coriander chutney and the sweet tamarind date chutney.

Note: Be careful while you chop the chilies.


  • The first step would be to arrange the fried and crispy Papdi in the circular format over a large shallow plate.
  • Once you have assembled them, then keep all the spice powders, chutneys, salt and veggies ready.
  • Place the mixture of mashed boiled potatoes over top of each Papdi.
  • Then above the potatoes, add the steamed sprouts over each Papdi one by one.
  • Now carefully add some boiled chickpeas over this mixture in a way that you do not over add it.
  • Add the tomatoes above the topping of the Papdi.
  • Pour over each Papdi, sufficient amount of thick sweetened whipped mixture of yogurt and sugar.
  • Now slightly sprinkle in the various spice powders like the cumin powder, coriander powder, dry mango powder, Chaat masala, Hing and the red chili powder.
  • Season it with the light salt and black pepper powder.
  • Then one by one top it with coriander chutney and tamarind date chutney.
  • Now top each Papdi with crunchy onions and green chilies.
  • Squeeze in the lime juice.
  • Seasoning the Chana Chaat with the chopped coriander leaves.
  • You can add few pomegranate seeds and thick Sev over the Papdi if you want.
  • Check for the taste and adjust the final flavors.
  • You can either refrigerate it or serve it immediately.

And the delectable Dahi Papdi Chaat with the combination of sourness and sweetness id ready for a bite!

Note: You may also do tempering of onions before topping.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 257 calories
  • Total Time: PT5M
  • Serves: 2
  • Date Published:

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The mouthwatering taste and texture of the Dahi Papdi Chaat is irresistible for anyone at any time. Only by gazing at the plate, your hunger to have would increase automatically. It is the pleasing snack with the pleasure of all sorts of flavors in one dish. Just one single bite and there is a burst of numerous flavors in your mouth.

The provided ingredients list in this recipe uses handy and easily available items in almost everyone’s kitchen. The crunchiness of Papdi, sourness of curd, sweetness of tamarind date chutney, tartness of lemon, refreshing flavors of minced coriander chutney and health quotient of beans with sprouts makes this snack the most love-able plate to have.

The Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe is similar to making the regular Papdi Chaat. It has an additional of yogurt topping which makes it sour with sweet, sweet and tangy. This lovely snack is easy to try even for the first time. It requires few basic things to keep it mind. If you have conquered over those and achieved mastery, then there would be no issues in trying this recipe regularly. It’s the best evening snack to serve when guest are in period of short notice.


  • The Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe gets assembled quickly in 10 minutes but it takes total time of 40 minutes and some efforts to prepare the mixture over Papdi.
  • The measured proportion of the ingredients in this recipe approximately serves 4 people, but you can increase if you want to make for more people.
  • If you like spicy Chaat, then use more green chilies and add dry red chilies. Also drizzle some red chutney. Whereas to make it mild, you can lessen chilies and use more of tamarind date chutney.
  • If you are using Chaat masala, then it already has salt, so refrain from using less amount of salt.
  • If you like sweet potatoes then substitute potatoes with it.


Serve the crunchy Papdi Chaat topped with yogurt in a shallow serving bowls. Garnish it the delicious Dahi Poori with:

  • Thick Yogurt
  • Thick/ Thin Sev
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Green Chutney
  • Red Chutney