Chocolate Sandwich Recipe : Rich Creamy Party Snack!

“Life is like a sandwich you have to fill it with best ingredients”

So if you are bitten by the bug of sandwich, then fill it with your favorite ingredients. The chocolate sandwich recipe is a treat for all the avid fans of chocolate who also prefer bread in their regular diet. It takes only one genuine bite to crown this chocolate sandwich as the best improvement over its predecessor. This yummy snack which an affable fragrance is irresistible, irrespective of age. It’s a one dish recipe which can solve multi-purpose. It best to serve for breakfast, evening snack, or a party dessert.

Chocolate Sandwich

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Description: The chocolate sandwich recipe has the unique combination of sweet chocolate spread and pale bread. It gets prepared quickly in minutes at home. Make Now!

“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!”

Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Ingredients for Chocolate Sandwich Recipe:

  • Chocolate – Chopped 100 Grams
  • Butter – 5 tbsp.
  • Almonds – 20 pieces (buy carnival almonds)
  • Bread – 6 Slices
  • Condensed Milk – 2 tbsp.

Note: There is no fixed choice on using bread, make the sandwich with any healthy bread such as brown bread, wheat grain bread, oats bread or multi-grain bread. You may try to use healthy and hearty homemade Italian bread for this recipe. You can also use the cheese spread if you want to make cheese chocolate sandwich. You can either make the chocolate spread at home or use the store bought. Check the below-mentioned method for preparing the fresh spread of chocolate.

Method for Grilled Chocolate Sandwich Recipe:


  • Pre-Heat non-stick pan for around 1 minute.
  • Heat about 1 tbsp. butter.
  • Add 50 grams chocolate in the pan and let it melt.
  • Now turn off the gas and add condensed milk in the pan
  • Stir it will for some time and allow it to rest.
  • Now, take some almonds and toast them.
  • Once roasted, finely slice the toasted almonds.

Note: If you are using any other dry fruits like walnuts, cashews, or pistachios then roast them as well.


  • Take the bread out from the packet, and spread butter on 3 of the bread slices
  • Spread chocolate, milk and butter paste on the rest of the 3 slices.
  • Sprinkle the remaining chocolate over the slices
  • Also, sprinkle the sliced toasted almonds over them.
  • Now make 3 pairs, 1 butter (Butter side facing outside) and 1 chocolate paste bread slice (facing inside).
  • Heat the Sandwich Toaster but apply some grease too. (if not butter then you can use ghee).
  • Now Place 1 of the Pair of the sandwich inside the toaster in such a way that unbuttered part of the bread slice is over the greased part of the toaster.
  • Let it toast until both the sides are properly toasted (Golden Brownish Shade).
  • Now you can cut them into Long Rectangles, Triangles or 4 Small Squares and Serve them.

Note: If you do not like the edges of bread slices, then you can remove them. You can sprinkle the flavouring agent like cardamom powder or cinnamon powder over the bread slices.

If you over-toast the bread by mistake then do not worry. Simply, spread some melted butter over the over roasted portion of the bread and sprinkle little the cinnamon powder. Finally, season the layer of the bread with the pinch of powdered sugar.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 458 calories
  • Total Time: PT20M
  • Serves: 3
  • Date Published:

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The crazy admirers of chocolate always keep finding new ways to eat it. What can be better than to hold the crispy sandwich with the perplexing aroma of chocolate spread? It is hard to deny the fact this interesting creamy chocolate sandwich must be invented by all those chocolate lovers who seek its taste and flavor in almost every food item. The delicious and delectable chocolate sandwich is more decadent than any other dessert.

The making of chocolate sandwich recipe requires few handful ingredients such as bread, chocolate, nut butter and milk. Even the assembling of the sandwich can be done quickly in a negligible amount of time. The maximum time gets consumed in melting of the chocolate. Once melted, the creamy mixture needs to be cooked with an addition of milk. There arise a twist in the smooth mixture when you sprinkle crunchy chopped nuts. The use of dry fruits makes it rich in taste and health.

This sandwich has the unique combination of sweet chocolate spread and pale bread. The sweet components of chocolate indulge beautifully with the soft layer of white bread. There is an even match between the creamy and crunchy texture. You can also customize with a recipe of the sandwich by using other variation of chocolate. Whether you serve it grilled or plain, this is surely a winning recipe for children’s party or for grown-up’s gossip meet.


  • The total time required for the preparation of Chocolate sandwich recipe is around 20 minutes.
  • The measured proportion of ingredients mentioned in this recipe makes the sandwich which can serve approximately 2 to 3 people.
  • You can also use white chocolate too. (it is also delicious)
  • You can use the combination of white and dark chocolate. (Dark chocolate as spread and White for sprinkling)
  • I would recommend you to use Amul Butter for better taste.
  • If you are looking for the healthier option of bread, then best alternative would be Atta Bread.


Cut the two slant slices of this chocolate sandwich and serve them warm. Sprinkle the powdered sugar or the chocolate powdered from the top. Pair the sandwich with the homemade tomato ketchup along with any of your favorite hot beverage.

Garnish with:

  • Choco Chips
  • Grated Cheese
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Melted Honey

You can also use the potato peeler to get some chocolate shavings from the chocolate slab and place them over the sandwich with chopped red cherries.

Quick Tip:
  • You can increase or decrease the proportion of ingredients to adjust the number of serving.
  • Season the chocolate sandwich with the whole toasted almonds if you haven’t used them all.
  • Add some sparkles if you have. Kids love it.
  • Serve it with Some Gems in the Tray.
  • There can be stuffing or topping of fruits as well in this chocolate sandwich.
  • If you love Nutella, then use that instead of chocolate spread.

If you are looking to make chocolate spread with cocoa powder, corn starch and milk instead of melting the chocolate with condensed milk then check here:

  • Firstly you have to warm milk in a pot or a pan.
  • When the milk is warm and boiled, add the cocoa powder and stir in. Cook the mixture for few minutes and then add in the corn starch.
  • Stir and simmer the chocolate spread till it becomes the thick chocolate sauce.
  • Transfer it from the pan to the small bowl and let it cool

The making of this grilled chocolate sandwich is very much similar to the preparation of a grilled cheese sandwich. The only difference here is that you are using the chocolate spread in place of the butter spread. This is one the best snack to have when you are craving to have chocolate along with the balanced intake of carbs.

The best part of the grilled sandwiches is the golden lines that are are carved over the surface of the bread. The strong and shiny mark that the griller lay over the chocolate sandwich gives a gorgeous look to our chocolaty sandwich. This interesting innovation to the plain sandwich is really delicious and highly tempting. This sandwich is an incredibly tasty and irresistible finger-licking delicacy.

Not only does it sounded amazing but even its tastes amazing. There are many of us who already started drooling only on the name of chocolate, this is surely a treat for all the folks who love chocolate. This chocolaty sandwich with the filling of chocolate spread is yummy not only for kids but also for adults. It is one the sweetest snack which you can serve in form of delicious dessert.

It’s easy to make this sandwich with a surplus dose of chocolate spread and abundance of cheese spread. Spread these two between the bread slices and grill the sandwich in a griller or toast it on a tava. To get started with its preparation, you would require only four basic ingredients which are readily available in your home. If you are a chocolate lover then this quick and easy to make a grilled chocolate sandwich will quench your chocolate desire. The melted chocolate with the melted cheese is the just brilliant combination.

If you want to please your kids, then there is no dish better than this yummy and tummy filling Chocolate Sandwich. Pair this healthy snack with some nutritious fruits and treat your kid’s palate. You can also use the seasonal fruits with this warm chocolate sandwich and try this out for your breakfast or snack with any hot beverage.

If you have bread in your pantry then you make various different types of sandwiches with your favorite ingredients. Some sandwiches are so simple and easy to make as they have a variation of only an ingredient. So, if you are giving the party or organizing a small get together then you make more than one variety of sandwich. Out of all the sandwiches, I loved the idea of Beetroot sandwich which is simple, easy and extremely healthy. The other Sandwiches which you can make Veg Grilled Sandwich, Corn Sandwich. The grilled sandwich is the ideal snack to have in mornings with the glass of chilled pineapple juice.

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