List of Different Ladoo Recipe : One Sweet Many Flavors!

All types of Indian sweets are interesting and hold a place in your list of festival preparation. Ladoo Recipe is amongst the simplest sweets which are made during Diwali. Not only on festivals, but you can make this easy and quick sweet anytime whenever you wish to have it. Its balanced sweetness maintains the health and sates your want of sweet tooth. You can have them for a mid-day snack, serve as an accompaniment with a meal or as dessert. Ladoo is the best option to make when you are looking for a sweet which can be made easily, quickly and is also healthy.

List of different types of ladoo recipes

Everyone loves and adores these cute little round balls of sweet. They end crave for sweet or dessert with just one small bite. They show huge variation in flavors and taste which varies from ingredient to ingredients. They also vary in shape, size, and texture depending on how you want to make them. Their subtle sweet taste is suitable for all kinds of occasions, parties, festival and religious rituals. You can pick any of the variety of Ladoo and start preparing. Any ingredient you choose, the sweetness of sugar will always overpower its original taste.

There are more than 100 different types of Ladoo which can be made at home in a jiffy from any one ingredient along with basic ingredients. Ladoo are the sweets of round shaped balls which can be made from wheat flour, coconut, dry fruits, Rava, Besan, Malai, and Poha etc. The numerous types of Ladoo are Badam Ladoo, Maladu Ladoo, Ragi Ladoo, Bandar Ladoo, Dates Nut Ladoo, Dry Fruits Ladoo, Dates Mawa Ladoo, Peanut Ladoo, Walnuts Ladoo, Oats Ladoo, Sesame Ladoo, Raisins Ladoo, Pistachio Ladoo, Urad Dal Ladoo, Gulkand Ladoo, Moong Dal Ladoo, etc.

The recipe of the each type of Ladoo is flexible and you can easily tweak with the type and gauge of the ingredient used. You can add dry fruits to the give Ladoo a bit of crunch and the nutty aroma. You can also drizzle color essence or leave it natural. You may alter the sweetness level and proportion of ghee but take care that the original texture does not get the effect of moderation. You can make is less sweet and low calorific which does not restrict you eating the number of Ladoo. Make Ladoo suitable to your taste and eat them as per your diet.

The preparation of Ladoo can be done by various methods but none of them needs any hustle. The basic way and core ingredients remain same for all different types. It does not need any prior cooking knowledge or expertise in making sweets. You can follow some simple steps and the Ladoo would be ready in no time. There are some types of Ladoo which do need some practice but then, there are other Ladoo which are easy to try even for beginners. The only thing that one needs is the patience for making the Ladoo with perfect taste, texture, and shape.


Description of Different Ladoo Recipe

Mentioned below is the brief description of various types of sweet Ladoo.

1.    Coconut Ladoo:

It is one of the easiest types of Ladoo which can be prepared from two core ingredients, coconut, and milk. It needs no pre-preparation and can be made quickly within minutes without any need for cooking. Simply simmer the milk, reduce it to half and mix coconut with sugar. It can be made in two different ways with the milk or with the condensed milk. The traditional method uses the frozen coconut whereas if with the sweet condensed milk, you can use desiccated coconut. You only have to be careful about the proportion of milk and sugar in these two methods, rest of the steps remain same. You can have this Ladoo made of coconut as a sweet along with spicy Kadala Curry and mild flavored coconut rice. There is another sweet made coconut called as coconut barfi which is equally delicious and easy to make.

2.    Til Ladoo:

It is the healthy Ladoo which is almost sugar-free and low calorific. The fat-free Ladoo makes it most suitable for all type of diabetic people. The nutritious Ladoo can be made at home without much of efforts and also can be eaten during the fast. The use of Jaggery make it healthy as well as maintains the sweetness of the Ladoo. They too are the festive Ladoo which are amongst the sweets prepared in Uttrayan or Makar Sankranti. They are tagged as nutrition booster due to health benefits of sesame seeds. You can either grounded sesame in the making of Ladoo and the season the Ladoo with the sesame seeds. They have strong aroma with a granulated texture and mildly sweet taste. You can have this delicious and healthy Til Ladoo as a side serve with equally tasty and hearty Undhiyu in the winters.

3.    Malai Ladoo:

These are the creamy Ladoo with the extensive indulgence of sweetness in their taste. It is a rich and royal dessert made from paneer and cream. You can even use condensed milk which balances the sweetness and little organic sugar. You can tweak with their shape, and either make them round or in any other shape. They can also be used to make Modak during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. If serving to god then use fresh milk and fresh paneer otherwise you can use stored paneer and the whipped heavy cream. It does not much time to prepare these Ladoo at home with some little pre-preparation done in hand before making them. The shining white colored Malai Ladoo have a milky aroma and tastes delicious. You can sprinkle saffron strands which can change the color to orange. This creamy Ladoo can be served as a side accompaniment with the spicy Masala Rice or with an evening snack like Kothimbir Vadi.


4. Boondi Ladoo:

The delicious bright yellow colored Boondi Ladoo is the favorite sweet of all for any festive occasion. These Ladoo are made in ghee and have the creamy texture. For its preparation apart from the necessary ingredients, you also need time and patience. The basic requirement is the gram flour, sugar, soda along with some dry fruits for the extra crunch in the texture. The batter of this Ladoo needs to be made with a lot of attention as it is the core part of getting the Ladoo in the right shape. The nature of the Ladoo is reliable on the consistency of the batter. You may use color essence if you like but it is not recommended. The soft Ladoo are fried and allowed to cool for some time.

Garnish the top of the Ladoo with the chopped dry fruits. You may serve this Ladoo alone for the sweet or along with the complete meal.


5. Rava Ladoo:

To make Rava Ladoo at home, you have to roast the Rava which is known as Semolina. The ingredients needed to make this Ladoo at home are Mawa, semolina, milk, condensed milk, coconut, sugar, ghee and the cardamom powder. Though it needs only a few ingredients unlike other recipes, it still requires time and preparation before you can make them. If you like you can add the chopped dry fruits in the Ladoo mixture which give the crunchy texture and extra flavors. The coconut not only balances the taste of the mixture and gives the granulated texture to the Ladoo. You may increase or decrease the proportion of sugar as per your preference. The key here is to roast the Rava and make the dough as one mass.

You may pair this Rava Ladoo with any Gujarati dish. You can also make Rava Halwa from the roasted semolina. Also, the homemade Rava Dhokla tastes delicious.


6. Motichoor Ladoo:

This variety of Ladoo is popular for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and made at every home in Maharashtra. Its preparation is similar to the Boondi Ladoo with the difference in the batter and the size of the Ladoo. If you want, you may vary the shape and give it the form of Modak as well. But the color and texture will remain intact as in the original form. It has the soft texture with the subtle sweet taste. You can reduce the proportion of sugar based on the health criteria or you may reduce eating the number of Ladoo. It needs time and patience if you want to make at home. The batter is easy to make, but you have to be careful with its consistency and then binding the Ladoo in the proper shape is again time-taking. You would require gram flour, soda, sugar, ghee, and dry fruits to make these Ladoo’s. A sprinkle of saffron strands and cardamom powders enhances the taste, flavors, and the aroma.
Pair these Ladoo with the complete Maharashtrian dish consisting of sabzi, roti/paratha, chutney and Papad for the crunch. When eating this Ladoo alone, do not overeat!

7. Atta Ladoo:

The Atta Ladoo is one the simplest Ladoo you can make from the basic wheat flour. It has its own unique flavors, taste, and texture which is not matched by any other type of Ladoo. This auspicious Ladoo is appreciable not only for their taste but because they are quick and easy to make at home. It requires only a few ingredients such as wheat flour, cardamom powder, coconut powder, and sugar. The addition of dry fruits is optional and only add crunch to the Ladoo. The aroma of the nuts and cardamom powder is irresistible. You can make these Ladoo once and then store it for some days. So during the festivals, when you have a lot of other work and you are required to make sweet in advance, then this Atta Ladoo can be the best option for you.


8. Dry Fruit Ladoo:

This version of Ladoo is the easiest, simplest and the quickest to make at home. It does not require much time, preparation or efforts. The Dry Ladoo are the no oil, no sugar and no Jaggery Ladoo which are hearty and healthy to have. Because of the dry fruits and nuts used, these Ladoo are full of nutrients and proteins, thus they are also the most energetic sweets and can be eaten as a snack. If you are planning to make them, then you can use any dry fruits which you have in stock at your home or any of your favorite dry-fruits. There is no specific list of ingredients for the recipe of dry fruits Ladoo, you can add or skip the nuts and dry fruits as per your choice. Even, you can roll the Ladoo in small size or large size whichever is flexible to you. This is the Ladoo recipe which can be tried by the beginners as well.


Just like Ladoo, there are other Diwali sweets like flavorful Barfi of different ingredients which also can be made with ease at home.

Pair your Ladoo with a complete full meal dish and enrich its sweet and saccharine flavor. You can have Ladoo alone for morning breakfast or brunch, pack it for a picnic, place it in tiffin or eat as a last dessert with super.