Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe : How to Make Eggless Vanilla Ice Cream at Home

This Basic vanilla ice cream recipe without the ice cream maker is the easiest and quickest way to make Vanilla Ice Cream at Home. Usually, for almost most of the desserts, vanilla is considered to be the excellent base. It is because of the mellow flavours and subtle sweetness which allows other ingredients to shine. The vanilla base highlights the unique flavours of other elements.  Follow this basic recipe make vanilla ice cream at home with few basic ingredients.

Vanilla Ice Cream

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Description: This is the basic vanilla ice cream recipe without the ice-cream maker. It is easy and quick to make vanilla ice cream at home with few basic ingredients.

“If you can bake a cake, you can make ice cream!”

Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe

Let’s Learn how to basic Vanilla Ice Cream at home step by step.

Ingredients for Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

All the ingredients used are readily at home and commonly in the stores.

  • Cream – 200 ml.
  • Corn Starch – 4 tsp.
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Vanilla Extract – 3 tsp.
  • Full Fat Milk
    • For Custard Sauce – 1 ½ cups.
    • Corn flour paste – 2 tbsp.

Note: You can use 2 Vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract. Adjust the quantity of sugar according to your taste. You can use low-fat cream or the whipping cream. You may also use single-toned milk.

Steps for Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

You can easily prepare vanilla ice-cream at home. The steps of the procedure are simple and easy. Follow the steps of Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe and make ice-cream without the need of any ice cream maker.

Pre-Preparation for Vanilla Ice Cream:

  • Set the fridge temperature to coolest. Keep the setting to the highest coolest point.

Cornstarch Paste:

  • Take a medium sized mixing bowl.
  • Add 4 tsp. cornstarch in it.
  • Add 2 tbsp. milk in the bowl.
  • Now, mix both ingredients.

Note: You can use arrowroot flour instead of corn starch. You may also use rice flour as a substitute for cornstarch. Take any flour and make the paste.

Custard Sauce:

  • Now, take a thick bottom saucepan.
  • Place this pan over the stove.
  • Add 1.5 cups of full-fat milk.
  • Turn on the flame of the stove.
  • Stir milk in the saucepan.
  • Now, add ½ cup sugar in the milk.
  • Stir the mixture as it begins to heat.
  • Keep stirring the sugar and milk.
  • Continuously stir until the sugar dissolves.
  • As soon as the sugar dissolves, take corn-starch.
  • Add 4 to 5 tsp. cornstarch when the milk is hot.
  • Gradually, keep adding the corn starch paste.
  • You must add it in milk at regular intervals.
  • Mix it very well to avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Also, you must stir the mixture fast and quickly.
  • Simmer the milk on low flame.
  • Wait until the milk becomes thick.
  • Now, transfer the custard milk into a bowl.
  • Let the milk cool down for a while.
  • Wait for it to come to the room temperature.
  • As the custard milk cools, place the bowl in the refrigerator.
  • Cool it inside the refrigerator for next 1 hour.
  • After one hour, take the bowl out of the fridge.

Note: Before proceeding further, change the temperature of the fridge as it was before.

Beat the Custard Sauce:

  • Now, take an electric beater.
  • Beat the custard milk at high speed.
  • Vigorously beat it for around 2 minutes.
  • Beat the custard sauce until its volume increases.

Note: The custard sauce must form correctly for making ice-cream at home.

Whipping Cream:

  • Now, take another mixing bowl.
  • Then add ¾ fresh cream in it.
  • Whip the cream on full speed.
  • Start to whip with medium speed.
  • Then gradually whip it on the high speed.
  • Whip until you observe the formation of peaks in the cream.
  • As you see the soft peaks on the surface, stop whipping.
  • Now, add 3 tsp. vanilla extract in the cream.
  • Mix it well in the whipped cream.

Note: The cream must be chilled.

How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream:

  • Now, once again take the large mixing bowl.
  • Add the thickened custard milk into this bowl.
  • Also, add the whipped cream and vanilla mixture.
  • Fold the ingredients lightly with each other.
  • Mix it nicely and cover the bowl.
  • Now, transfer the bowl into freezer.
  • Let the vanilla ice cream set in the fridge.
  • Approximately, it will take 4 hours to semi-set.
  • The time of setting will depend on the freezer temperature.
  • Once the vanilla ice-cream is set, take the bowl out of the freezer.
  • Remove from the fridge and gently whisk once again.
  • Cover this same bowl once again tightly.
  • Keep this ice-cream bowl to refrigerate for more 1 to 2 hours.
  • By now, the vanilla ice-cream would have been completely set.
  • Remove the bowl from the fridge.
  • Take small ice-cream bowls.
  • Add one scoop vanilla ice-cream in each small bowls.
  • Serve delicious homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Note: While you mix the ice-cream, it must retain its volume. It should become flat.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 821 calories
  • Total Time: PT30M
  • Serves: 4
  • Date Published:

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The Vanilla Ice Cream is crowned as the king of all the ice cream flavours. The chilled and creamy ice cream is eaten the most of all the desserts.  People of all the age prefer eating the delicious ice cream and its varieties. Summers are incomplete without the ice creams. All of us search for the cool ice creams as soon as the summers begin.

Of the considerable number of flavours, Vanilla Ice Cream is the most well-known and popular. There are many brands which provide excellent flavoured ice cream but there is a different fun in eating homemade vanilla ice cream. Even your kids will enjoy the entire process of preparing ice cream at home. Also, it is healthy and hygienic. The whole process of making vanilla ice cream is fairly simple. This vanilla ice cream with the custard base isn’t particularly tough and hard to follow.

But you might feel little hesitant if you are trying to make the ice cream for the first time. You have to make the custard sauce, whisk it properly along with milk, cornstarch, cream and vanilla. Then freeze it and once again churn it until you get the smooth ice cream with the rich and creamy texture. Maybe few things are tricky, but with practice, you can learn to make the basic vanilla ice cream.


  • You can use almond milk or coconut milk as well instead of normal milk.
  • Even the non-dairy cream or non-dairy whipping cream can be used.
  • The milk used is the boiled milk. Do not use the chilled milk.
  • Refrain from adding condensed milk in the Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe.
  • You can use homemade cream instead of whipped cream.
  • When heating custard milk, do not stop stirring or it might get stuck to the base of utensils.
  • When transferring the custard milk into cream, add it lightly so that the cream holds the volume.
  • Use the lid of the bowl to cover the ice-cream. Otherwise, you can use aluminium foil or cling film.
  • The milk should be thickened. You can use vanilla custard powder instead of corn-starch.
  • You may add vanilla essence as well instead of vanilla extract. But add only 1 to 1 ½ tsp.

Garnishing Idea:

The while colored vanilla ice cream is very soothing to eyes. But you can garnish it with interesting ideas to make it look more attractive. Check below for garnishing tips:

  • Add Hershey’s chocolate syrup over it and serve to kids.
  • You can top the vanilla ice-cream with any syrup of your choice.
  • You may add some chopped fresh fruits.
  • Even you can sprinkle some roasted dry nuts.
  • You can add honey to it as well.
  • You can also place a mint leaf or basil leaf over it.
  • Sprinkle saffron strands if you wish to.
  • Adding crushed almonds will also enhance the taste.

Serving Suggestion:

  • You can eat the vanilla ice cream plain.
  • You can pair it with a hot chocolate brownie.
  • You can use the vanilla-cream toe make chocolate cakes.
  • You can top it over cold coffee and serve.
  • The vanilla ice cream can be served plain with the drizzle of your favourite syrup.
  • You can top the vanilla ice cream with a chocolate or caramel sauce.
  • You can serve the vanilla ice-cream with chopped fresh fruits.
  • Scoop the vanilla ice cream in a cone and sprinkle confetti.
  • Place some glazed cherries over the chilled vanilla ice-cream

The vanilla cream also comes in use to make various fruit shakes, smoothies, and sundaes as well. It can be used to make delicious Mango Mastani is summers.

Quick Tip:
  • For the cream, you can use 25 % to 35 % low-fat cream.
  • You can use homemade Malai as well.
  • You can mix custard with a spoon as well.
  • You can whip the cream with the whisker.
  • To make the process easier, you can use whipped cream available in the market.
  • The colour variation in the vanilla ice cream has no relevance with its taste and texture.
  • If you use vanilla essence, your ice-cream would get butterscotch colour.
  • If the milk becomes thick, then it is a bad and a spoiled milk. Do not use it.
  • Instead of dairy milk, you can use almond milk.
  • At times, the vanilla ice-cream is added while making Fruit Custard.

Once you master this basic vanilla ice-cream recipe, then you can serve all the different types of ice-creams. You can invent your own flavours and experiments to come up with interesting ice-cream versions. Prepare it for the special occasion and top it with extra mix-ins to make it even more memorable. You can go for the complicated recipes of ice cream if you are passionate about cooking. You can even customize with the little tricks to make the best ice-cream. There are a lot of options with which you can tweak the original basic vanilla ice-cream recipe.

This recipe of making the vanilla ice cream is egg-free and a vegetarian version. The traditional recipe includes using the egg and churning the egg York but we are using the cornstarch along with the few tablespoons of cream. This combination gives the exact smoothness to thicken the cheese cream base. You just have to add the cream and the cornstarch in the enough proportion that it makes the ice-cream silky. You do not have to necessarily feel it’s creamy and cheesy taste in your mouth.

This basic method of preparing an eggless vanilla ice cream is very simple as compared to other variations. The many other versions and methods by which you can prepare homemade vanilla ice-cream. Few of the techniques are tricky, whereas some are quick. The others can be bit complicated and time-taking. For this recipe of preparing vanilla ice-cream, you will need just the blender and not the ice-cream machine. In the eggless version, you will feel the stronger and brighter flavours of vanilla.  It is the smoothest, silkiest and the creamiest homemade ice cream you would have ever had. This famous and tasty vanilla ice cream is very easy to try your hand at. Make this basic ice-cream version at home and impress everyone. This smooth and creamy classic ice cream will surely give you praises and applauds.

The best part about the homemade vanilla ice-cream is that you make once and it would last the whole season. At times, many people think that making ice-cream at home is very hard and takes too much time. Also, the other concern can be the affordability of the ice-cream maker. But, what if you can make the ice-cream with all the available ingredients in your kitchen without any special equipment. For all the beginners, the ice creams are incredibly easy to prepare. This is totally an effortless vanilla ice-cream recipe, which you can easily try and eat ice-cream for dessert.

Mistakes to Avoid While Making Vanilla Ice-Cream:

  • Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved in milk.
  • The ingredients in the custard sauce must be well combined.
  • Whisk the custard sauce till you get required colour and texture.
  • Continually stir your custard as it cooks.
  • Make sure to scrape the bottom of the pan.
  • Do not allow to milk to curdle.
  • Make on slow and even heat.
  • Use a good heavy bottom pan.
  • Don’t overcook your custard sauce.
  • You can strain your custard base.
  • Chill the custard before churning.

Things you do not need to worry While Making Vanilla Ice-Cream:

While making ice cream, there may be a lot of processes which you need to follow but there are few thing which you must not bother.  Check for the steps which you should not worry about:

  • You do not need to heat the milk.
  • You do not need whisk too much.
  • You do not need to chill the custard faster.

The importance of Each Ingredient for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream:

This Vanilla Ice Cream recipe starts with a custard base prepared from just five ingredients – cream, cornstarch, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Each and every ingredient used in the making of vanilla ice cream has its own importance.

  • The vanilla ice cream gets its rich, royal and creamy taste from the fresh cream.
  • For the little sweetness and smoothness in the vanilla ice-cream, sugar is added.
  • For the smoothness in the texture, richness, in taste and for infusing the white colour, milk is necessary to add.
  • The corn starch makes the cream base for vanilla ice-cream thick textured.
  • As this is ‘vanilla’ ice cream, vanilla is the key ingredient for flavouring.

Instead of pure vanilla extract, you can use vanilla essence, vanilla bean or paste of vanilla bean. The addition of vanilla bean would infuse get aroma and flavours to the custard sauce. Get the vanilla beans which are black and shiny. Also, you can pick the tender and moist beans which are a bit plump. Refrain from buying hard and dry vanilla beans from the store. But if you are using vanilla extract then use the pure form of it. The imitated version of vanilla extract will infuse bitter taste. You can also use vanilla bean paste which balances the flavours and taste of the custard sauce.

How do you make a homemade ice cream?

For the homemade ice-cream, you need to make the cream base for the ice-cream. Once you prepare it, you must refrigerate for more than 4 to 5 hours. It is advisable to make the custard base the night before and keep to chill it sufficiently overnight. So let it freeze properly before it gets warm.

Then place the custard base in the container and keep it in the fridge. You must fill only half of the container with the custard sauce so that it has enough room to expand. Wait for it to freeze, only then you will get an ice-cream with a light texture and no graininess.

After you have churned the custard sauce once, the ice-cream is prepared but it is very soft. This is the reason you keep it once again in the refrigerator to chill. This double freezing also allows the ice cream to settle and flavours to improve.

For the homemade ice-cream, it is preferred to eat the day it is prepared. Although it can be stored for a few weeks, but it is best to eat directly when you take out from the freezer. If you keep the ice-cream for a longer time, then it will become quite hard. After the long length of being frozen, it won’t be nice to eat the ice-cream.

How do you make the cream?

It is very easy to make the cream at home. All you need is the fresh and full-fat milk. Once you have the milk, keep it over the stove on medium flame to heat. Let it boil for few minutes. After it is boiled, switch off the stove and let the milk cool. Then, keep this milk in the fridge so that the layer of cream (Malai) is formed over the surface of the milk. Carefully collect the cream with the spoon.

How do you make homemade vanilla ice cream without an ice cream maker?

There are two basic methods with which you can prepare vanilla ice-cream without the special ice-cream maker. Check below for the two methods:

  1. Making Custard Base Ice Cream (check the above recipe)
  2. Making Ice Cream in a Bag (check the steps below)

How do you make homemade vanilla ice cream in a bag?

You can also make the vanilla ice-cream in a bag. For that, you would need the ingredients like half milk and half cream. Then you will need ice cubes, salt, sugar and vanilla extract. Now, combine the milk and cream. Also, mix the sugar and the vanilla extract in the zip lock bag. Seal the bag in such a way that the liquid does not come out. Then take another ziplock bag, add the first bag and some ice-cubes. Sprinkle some salt over the ice cubes. Seal the bag and shake it. Stop when you get the desired consistency of the vanilla ice-cream.

How to make Vanilla ice Cream with Ice-Cream maker?

You can also make the vanilla Ice- Cream in the Ice-Cream maker. It is a bit complicated process to prepare the ice-cream according to the ice-cream maker instructions. Check the process below:

  • Take a saucepan and pour the fresh milk in it.
  • Mix the sugar with the homemade cream and the milk.
  • Stir everything over the low heat.
  • Wait till the sugar has dissolved.
  • Heat just until mixture is hot.
  • After a while, you will see the small ring of foam.
  • Transfer the cream to the container.
  • Stir in vanilla extract.
  • Keep the mixture to chill in the refrigerator.
  • Pour cold ice cream mix into an ice cream maker.
  • Turn on the ice cream maker machine.
  • Churn the mixture according to according to the directions mentioned.
  • Froze the vanilla ice-cream.
  • When ice cream is softly frozen, serve immediately.
  • You can place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the ice cream.
  • Then, place the ice-cream once again in the freezer.

The Basic Steps for Making Vanilla Ice-Cream:

Whisk the Cream and Freeze it

It is a two-part process to prepare the final ice-cream. In the first step, you have the churn the cream until it has got the required consistency. It must be soft to serve when you have churned it. Then you keep the churned cream mixture into the fridge for a while till it becomes hard. So, if you want or if you like soft ice-cream then do not keep it in the fridge for the second time.

Churning the Ice-Cream twice

It is fine if you do not churn the ice-cream once again after refrigerating. But it is very important to churn the cream base as it initiates the freezing process. While you are churning, you are breaking up the formed ice crystals. This way you are making some space for air which will thicken the vanilla ice-cream.

So, without churning, if you try to refrigerate your ice-cream it would become very solid. And with this hard rock type ice-cream, it would be very difficult to take a scoop and eat it.

Freeze the Ready Ice-Cream

The ice-cream need to freeze very well once after churning. You must be sure to refrigerate it for at least 2 to 3 hours. The frozen ice-cream is the treat during the scorching summers. But if you do not freeze the ice-cream once it’s prepared, then it would easily melt and it may spoil your ice-cream sundae. So, it is very important to keep the ice-cream to cool for some hours.

Variation of other Ice Cream Flavours:

Once you have learned this basic method of preparing the vanilla ice-cream at home, then it is easy to try out the various other ice-cream flavors. The best thing to start the experiment is by infusing the milk with fresh herbs like mint. You can also mix the spices like cinnamon and come up with different ice-cream flavors. Even you can add coffee beans to make the coffee flavored ice-cream. You may use various fresh fruits to give the plain ice-cream an interesting variation. The most loved ice-cream is the chocolate ice-cream. To make this ice-cream, you just have to add melted chocolate into the milk.

You can add any of these ingredients along with the vanilla as well. You can flavor your ice cream base by adding various ingredients to the milk with or without the vanilla. Just mix with the milk and the ice cream will be infused with their flavor. Just before you would strain the base before churning, your ice-cream would have been flavoured.

You can also make ice-cream of combinations and mix-ups. You can use chocolate chips, chopped fruits or various toffees to make the different ice-creams. You can simply add these add-ons during the last step of churning the ice-cream. If you do want to mix in the cream base, then you can also sprinkle over the ice-cream layer when you keep it in the freezer.