Top 5 Apps for Indian Food Recipes

Indian cuisine is one of the world’s most tasteful and colorful foods, characterized by the overlapping aroma, flavors, and spices. You really can’t go past a creamy korma and some delicious warm naan bread.

With every meal boasting a unique taste and smell, you will surely love every bit of Indian delicacy. But cooking Indian food at home can prove quite tricky without some guidance, especially if you are not familiar with many Indian dishes. This is where recipe apps come in.

Read on to discover the best and easiest Indian recipes today using your mobile phone. You can download any of these mobile apps, all of which provide a comprehensive menu of Indian dishes and instructions on how to cook them. Let’s cook up a storm!

Here Are the 5 Best Apps for Indian Food Recipes

5. Indian Recipe

For a wide range of Indian recipes – up to 1,000 and more – the Indian Recipe app is the way to go. The application contains pictures and videos for users to easily prepare various meals. There are more than 20 categories that users can explore, such as Quick Recipes, User Submitted Recipes, Chicken Recipes, and more.

This mobile application supports all iPhone and iPad devices and is absolutely free. There is also an eBook version of these recipes for easier steps and procedures.

4. Hebbars Kitchen

Looking for Indian vegetarian recipes? Download the Hebbars Kitchen app to get access to not only Indian vegetarian recipes, but also international vegetarian meals. This app provides a step-to-step guide to cooking Indian meals with photos and videos to help users easily pick up the recipe. From breakfast,  to light snacks, to heavy meals and desserts, everything can be accessed on this app.

The best thing about this is, new recipes are added to the app frequently. Users can receive a notification in case a new recipe is added. A search bar is also a cool feature of this app, making it easier to search for any related recipe.

3. Best Authentic Indian Recipes

Want to prepare famous and quality Indian dishes? This application hand picks the most authentic and famous recipes with a complete guide to ingredients, preparation time, and the number of servings.

The Best Authentic Indian Recipes app only selects recipes including North Indian, South Indian, and Simple Indian. It also has a free cookbook PDF with more than 150 collections of appetizer, breakfast, snacks, lunches, dinners, salads, drinks, and more. This mobile app is absolutely free and is only available for Android devices.

2. Tarla Dalal Recipes, Indian Recipes

Tarla Dalal is a famous chef, food writer, and host of her own cooking shows in India. Her website,, has more than 3 million visitors and users because of her unique recipes that are easy to follow.

Now in a mobile app, Tarla Dalal Recipes, Indian Recipes, boasts of more than 17,000 recipes with 700 video tutorials and 7,000 food images. The app is free to download and is available for both Android and Apple devices.

1. Indian Recipe Book


Enhance your cooking skills by following the best Indian recipes on the Indian Recipe Book mobile app. You can find a special menu and recipes for Christmas, the New Year, Halloween, and other special occasions.

Each recipe has images complete with preparation time, a favorites feature, and a search bar to find recipes.


Preparing Indian meals is made easy using a cookbook in the form of a mobile app. Download these applications, and learn the best meals to serve your family. You can even find Indian cooking tips on these apps that would make cooking easier and faster.