Top 5 Apps for Mexican Food Recipes

Mexican food remains popular, not just in the United States, but also around the world. Besides the burst of flavors that find their way into every meal, what makes these dishes stand out is their use of colorful vegetables and healthy ingredients.

It comes as no surprise that Mexican cuisine is loved by many. From tacos and elotes on the street corner to more upscale establishments that serve varying quesadilla flavors, chimichangas, and other elevated dishes, there is no denying that this local flavor has captured the hearts (and palates) of many.

For those individuals interested in trying their hand with these Mexican dishes, learning from a nifty app makes cooking all the more fun and accessible. Read on to learn about the five best Mexican food recipe apps.

5 Best Mexican Food Recipe Apps at Your Fingertips

5. 1000 Mexican Recipes


Available on Google Play for Android devices, 1000 Mexican Recipes stands out from other competitors in the field by offering simple yet comforting Mexican dishes that walk you through every step of the way. Besides giving you tons of recipes to choose from, this user-friendly application also allows you to bookmark recipes you plan on cooking in the future.

This makes it easier to jumpstart your foray into the world of cooking. With 1,000 recipes uploaded, you’ll have your pick of the bunch.

4. Mexican Recipes


Complete with a detailed list of ingredients alongside pictures of the end result, you won’t have to worry about picturing how you’re doing so far.

With the Mexican Recipes app, you know exactly just what you’re in for. The easy-to-follow instructions and the different types of cooking skill levels allow you to pick options you’re comfortable with cooking. You could be making anything, from guacamole to enchiladas!

3. Mexican Food


While food is certainly important to have on the table, you’ll be happy to know that you can serve yourself and your guests some mean Mexican beverages as well.

With the Mexican Food Recipes app, you can choose from various categories and bookmark your favorite recipes as well. Not to mention, you can tick off items on your shopping list, reminding you never to forget a key ingredient ever again.

2. Mexican Food – The Best of Mexican Food Recipes

Shopping list

Created specifically for iPhone and Apple users, the Mexican Food – The Best of Mexican Food Recipes app features a host of offerings for newbies and food enthusiasts.

From beverages to main courses, this application has it all, including a shopping list that reminds you of the things and ingredients you need to buy.

1. Healthy Recipes

Healthy taco

The abundance of meat and hearty dishes on the Mexican apps may not exactly be the best for your heart. This is why the Healthy Recipes app is here to help you out.

Though this might appear the odd one out, users say this offers a host of yummy Mexican recipes made a whole lot healthier. Think a delight mishmash of flavors without all the guilt.


Whether you are a new home cook or a seasoned professional, you can surely benefit from having one of these top 5 apps on your phone. From late-night cravings to Sunday gatherings, you will certainly have no shortage of dishes to satisfy everyone’s hankerings for a good Mexican dish. Who knows, you might even get cooking tips to make your dish more authentic.