How to Chop, Peel and Cut Fruits?

Cooking with fruits is always a tough task. Right from choosing the best fruit to chopping them requires a proper care. Though selecting the fresh and juicy fruits is often dependent on smell, but the colour and the size matters as well. If you are trying to make something with fruits for the firs time and do not know how to chop the fruits, then do not worry. Check the different techniques below for chopping the various fruits. And also note the quick tips for buying the ripe fruits.

How to Chop Fruits


How to Chop and Choose Fruits?

They key for a successful fruit dish is to get the right and best kind of fruit. Not just picking the ripe fruit is important but it also depends on the dish you are buying the fruit. At times you may have to buy the unripened fruit and allow it to ripen. The other times, you actually might need the raw fruit as well. Get the fruit as per your need of the dish. All these different fruits are chopped in various ways and different shapes. You can cut them in small cubes or in the form of vertical slices. Some fruits are eaten with their skin whereas in others you have to remove their skin.

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How to Chop Pineapple:

  • Place the pineapple horizontally on the chopping board.
  • Cut off its top crown and its lower stem portion.
  • Stand the pineapple, from the top to bottom slice off its skin. Cut very thin slices, and keep the large flesh.
  • Keep the knife cut in a diagonal manner, and remove eye spots.
  • Then cut it four equal parts lengthwise. Again cut each piece of a quarter into half. Once again, cut these half portions into small cubes. Similarly follow for other left quarter pieces.

Note: How to check the pineapple is good? Take the best smelling pineapple. It should have a sweet aroma and must look fresh. It should be golden on the bottom with the bit of green portion. The pineapple should be firm, if it’s soft then it is overripe.

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How to Chop Apple:

  • Let the apples dry after you have washed them.
  • Remove the top stem and cut the upper portion.
  • Keep a cut, and slice them in half pieces.
  • Lay these two pieces on the chopping board and cut vertically.
  • Stack these vertically chopped pieces or lay them flat and cut them into cubes.
  • If it’s the apple piece having the core, then slice it a bit more.

Note: How to know the apple is ripe? Select the bright looking apple which is firm to fold. They must smell sweet and should have any bitten insect mark.

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How to Chop Mango:

  • Once you washed the mango under the running water, keep it on the chopping board.
  • Hold it firm with one hand, and cut it downwards from the top with the knife.
  • Slice the mangoes into three pieces. Cut the two parallel sides to the side containing pit.
  • Two pieces would have more flesh whereas the third piece will have the pit.
  • Make the lengthwise and crosswise cuts in such a way that it should not go into the skin of the mango.
  • Cut off these small segments with a knife or remove them with hands.
  • Trim around the portion of the pit with the knife.

Note: How to select ripe mangoes? To check the ripeness of mangoes, do not focus much on the colour of the mangoes. Check it by squeezing the mango and it must have the fruity aroma.

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How to Chop Orange:

  • There more than one way by which you can cut the orange. You can either remove the peel of orange or keep it intact.
  • Wash and rinse the orange.
  • On the chopping board, place the top portion of the orange. It should be facing either of the sides.
  • Cut the orange into two equal halves vertically.
  • Place the each portion of cut orange on the chopping board.
  • Slice each half into three pieces.
  • Keep the angle of your knife toward the center of the orange.
  • If you want to remove the skin of an orange, then wash it and scrub it.
  • Remove the skin and with knife trim the white portion.
  • Cut down each of the sides and chop them.

Note: How to Pick a Ripe Orange? Do not rely on the colour of the orange for its quality. You must select an orange which is firm to hold and has a smooth layer. It must be the thin-skinned orange that is full coloured. You should the heaviness when you pick it.

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How to Chop Banana:

  • Wash the banana once before you chop them.
  • Remove the top stem and peel off the banana skin gently.
  • Keep the banana on the chopping board and cut lengthwise vertical slices.
  • Take the slices one at a time or you can also stack them on top of each other.
  • Once again cut them lengthwise in the vertical slices.
  • Cut across these vertical slices into small cubes.

Note: How to choose a perfectly ripe banana? Take a look at the colour of the banana, it should have complete yellow colour. Check if it has some brown spots because it would taste better. Though the banana is yellow but if it has green stem top then it might not taste nice. If you have brought the unripe banana, then keep the banana fruit bowl in sun. It would ripen quickly.

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How to Chop Chikoo:

  • Clean the Chikoo with the water and keep it on the chopping board.
  • Take a knife and cut the Chikoo into two halves.
  • The inside portion of the Chikoo has the seeds which are not good for eating.
  • With the help of a spoon, remove its seeds and flesh.
  • Peel off the skin of the Chikoo from each half portion.
  • First keep a multiple vertical cuts over the first portion, and then trim the layer horizontally.
  • This way, cut them into small cubes.

Note: How to get the best Chikoo? You will know that is the best Chikoo buy if it has wrinkled skin. If the Chikoo is ripe, it would be slightly soft when you press. If the Chikoo is unripe Chikoo, it would be hard when you press. Also, it has the greenish tinge on its skin. Whereas there would be mushy soft spots all over the skin of the over-ripe Chikoo.

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How to Chop Kiwi:

  • There are many ways to chop a kiwifruit. It depends on your choice whether you want to leave the skin on or peel it off.
  • Wash and clean the Kiwi properly with water.
  • Place it on the chopping board and with the sharp knife, cut the kiwi into the half.
  • With the help of a spoon, scoop the kiwi flesh out of it.
  • Then, remove the small black seeds and you can begin to eat.
  • But to cut in small circular slices, you have to cut the fruit in that shape.
  • Discard the top and bottom end pieces, and cut in circular shape starting from one end to other.
  • To form even smaller circular shape kiwi, again cut through the diameter of each cut kiwi.
  • If you want to peel off its skin, then cut the ends of kiwi. Insert the spoon between skin and flesh of kiwi. Rotate it to take the flesh out.
  • Once the fruit is out, slice the Kiwi in halves. Then chop it vertically to make the perfect wedges.

Note: How to know Kiwi is ripe? Do not buy kiwi based on its skin. All the kiwi seem same from the outside but it is the inside flesh that matters. Look out for the fruit which is unblemished and is firm to hold. The size of the kiwi has nothing to do with its taste. Lastly, check by pressing it with a thumb. If it ripe, it should be soft and must press.

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How to Chop Papaya:

  • Wash the Papaya with the water and clean it.
  • Lay the fruit on the chopping board.
  • With the sharp knife, cut its top crown.
  • Slice the papaya from the top into two equal vertical halves.
  • With the spoon, you can scoop the black seeds from the papaya flesh.
  • Now place the half cut papaya on the chopping board and again slice into halves crosswise.
  • Chop these quarter pieces of papaya into small cubes.
  • Repeat the same chopping process for remaining portion of papaya.

Note: How to pick a ripe Papaya? Choose the papaya which has greenish yellow texture or even the full yellow coloured texture. It should be firm but it must be press if you apply pressure with your thumbs. You should buy soft papaya but not very soft. Do not get mushy or having too sweet smell papaya.

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How to Chop Watermelon:

  • There are numerous ways you can cut the watermelon depending on how you want to eat it.
  • It is very important to wash the rind of the watermelon properly before you chop it.
  • With the sharp knife, slice the top portion and the bottom of the watermelon.
  • Keep it stand straight and from its center, slice it from top to bottom.
  • Now, you have the two halves of the watermelon. Cut each of this half portion into two sections.
  • Separate the melon from its rind.
  • After you have removed the rind, chop them melon into small cubes.

Note: How to buy the ripe watermelon? The watermelon should be heavy to lift and must be firm to hold. It should not have any blemish, bruises, insect bites or cracks. If it is ripe, it would make a sound when you tap it.

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How to Chop Cantaloupe:

  • Once you washed your cantaloupe, cut it into halves.
  • Properly cut through the stem area of the melon.
  • With the help of a spoon, scoop its seeds out.
  • Keep the bottom of cantaloupe facing the chopping board and slice into wedges.
  • Remove the rind and separate the cantaloupe from it.
  • Then, chop it into small sized cubes.

Note: How to choose ripened Cantaloupe? The ripeness of cantaloupes is highly dependent on smell and colour. If they are orange or gold, then are ripe. Whereas if they have green texture then they are unripe. Also, check how they feel when you touch them with a thumb. Give a gentle shake to check the sound of seeds.

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