Eggless French Toast Recipe : Crunchy N Sweet Bread Toast!

The delicious, crispy, crunchy French toast! It’s a snack which immediately tempts everyone on its name. But this “Eggy Bread” is not for the Vegetarians as the bread need to be soaked in the beaten eggs. This Eggless French Toast Recipe is the vegetarian version of this tasty and healthy snack. The traditional taste of egg-coated bread would not be felt in this egg-free version. It has all the goodness and richness of French toast without the use of eggs.

Eggless French Toast

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Description: This Eggless French Toast Recipe is the vegetarian version of this tasty and healthy snack. Follow the recipe and make it quickly for your breakfast.

Eggless French Toast Recipe

Ingredients for Eggless French Toast Recipe:

  • Whole Wheat Bread – 5 slices
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp.
  • Salted Butter – 5 tsp.
  • Custard Powder – 2 tbsp.
  • Milk – ½ cup
  • Vanilla Essence – ¼ tsp.

Note: You can use any bread such as brown bread, multi-grain bread, honey oats bread or white bread. You may use ¼ tsp. vanilla extract as well instead of essence.

If you desire, you can substitute margarine for the salted butter. You can use regular milk, soy milk or almond milk. It is better if use soy milk instead of the normal dairy milk.

Instructions for Eggless French Toast Recipe:

It is very simple to make the French toast at home without the use of eggs in the batter. Follow the recipe and prepare the Eggless French Toast at home in minutes.

Mixture to Soak Bread:

  • Take a medium sized bowl and wash it. Dry it with kitchen cloth and paper.
  • Add 2 tbsp. custard powder in this mixing bowl.
  • Then mix 2 tbsp. of sugar and vanilla essence of about ¼ tsp.
  • Then, add ½ cup milk into this bowl.
  • Now, mix all of these dry and wet ingredients.
  • Keep mixing it well until the sugar dissolves.
  • As the sugar is dissolved, keep it aside.

Note: You can have to continuously keep on stirring the sugar has been completely dissolved in the mixture.

Make French Toast:

  • Take a non-stick pan and add about ½ tsp. of butter.
  • Heat the butter and spread it over the pan.
  • Now, take a bread and remove the sides.
  • Once again, gently stir the mixture of milk and custard.
  • Dip the bread slice in this mixture. Coat the surface of the bread evenly.
  • Let the bread properly absorb the mixture.
  • Take the bread slice out from the batter mixture.
  • Now place this dipped bread on the heated pan.
  • Keep the pan on medium flame and toast the bread.
  • When one side of the French toast is toasted, flip the eggless French toast with the help of a spatula and cook the other side.
  • As both sides of the eggless French toast is toasted, you can see it turning to golden colour.
  • Continue the same process for 4 more slices. (or as much as you need)
  • Transfer the eggless French toast in the tray.

And the crunchy French toast is ready! Serve it Hot.

Note: If you do not have custard powder, then you can mix 2 tbsp. of corn starch. If you are adding cornstarch, then add 1 tsp. of vanilla essence. If you toast

If you cannot successful dip the bread in the mixture, then you can also brush the mixture over the bread slice.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 366 calories
  • Total Time: PT15M
  • Serves: 6
  • Date Published:

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Here the fresh cream or custard powder is the thickening agent which needs to be coated over the bread.  We have mixed the sweetening agent vanilla essence to make the sweet version of the Eggless French toast. Here have used custard powder and milk mixture to soak the bread. The sweetness in the mixture is due to the addition of sugar and vanilla essence.

The basic way of making French toast is to soak the bread, deep fry it and the drizzle honey syrup. The bread is toasted on the tava and not deep fried. Sunday mornings are usually the lazy mornings! It is best to make when we crave for easy, quick and yet energetic food.


  • The total time required for the preparation of Eggless French Toast would be 15 minutes.
  • The measured proportion of the ingredients makes these crunchy French toasts which can serve 4 to 5 people. This recipe can be doubled or tripled based on the number of people.
  • Do not dip the bread for a long time, otherwise, it will dissolve itself in the mixture. The bread will become soggy if you do not take it out. It won’t be crispy or crunchy.
  • Removing the bread sides is optional. Generally, you will not find toast without sides.
  • Always cook in low flame and slowly while you are toasting the bread. Only this way you can get crisp bread layer and golden colour crusty toast.
  • Try the same recipe with coconut milk and get the Indian version of the eggless French toast.
  • If you don’t have custard powder, you can use cornstarch/corn flour as a thickening agent. But then you need to add extra vanilla essence to give perfect flavour.
  • You can use either salted butter or the unsalted butter. For the better taste, use the salted butter.
  • If you want, you use any flavourless oil in place of butter.
  • For those who eat an egg, you can replace custard powder with 1 tiny egg.


Transfer these hot French toast from pan to the plate. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder or the cocoa powder over them. If you are thinking, with what side accompaniment to serve these toasts, then check below:

  • Serve it hot with tea. (You can have Masala Chai or Green Tea)
  • You can apply fruit jam or Indian butter on the surface and eat them.
  • Experiment it with homemade tomato ketchup. It tastes different and good.
  • I love them to have plain served with a cup of hot coffee.
  • These hot crispy French toast and fresh pineapple fruit juice are a match made in heaven.
  • Drizzle some maple syrup or honey syrup and eat them.
  • Pair these hot French toast with the creamy, crunchy and crispy Kale salad for the breakfast.

Garnish the toast with:

  • Grated Cheese
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Different Berries
  • Caramelized Sugar
  • Whipped Cream
Quick Tip:
  • The sogginess of the bread could depend on the type of the bread.
  • Choose the bread with the large slices. Avoid using small size bread.
  • For the best results, use the loaf bread from the market.
  • If you are using the sliced bread, then use white bread for the better results.
  • You can use Morphy Richards bread toaster for making daily breakfast toasts.
  • Planning the small party? Make the spicy roasted potatoes snack to go with these crunchy French toast. Please your guest with your delicious starter dish.

These crunchy French toast seem to be impossible without eggs but with a little twist, you can convert it to the vegetarian French toast. These lovely French toast are made from few handy ingredients. They have the perfect texture with the balanced taste. They are crispy outside, moist inside with mild sweetness and a bit of saltiness. To make them perfect, their outer layer has to be crispy. Whereas these fried French toasts should be moist from inside. The simple combination of custard powder and milk with the bread makes a perfectly healthy dish.

Have them fresh and hot in the winter mornings. When topped with sweet syrup and a sprinkle of the flavouring agent, these toasts are nothing less than a taste of heaven. The sprinkle of nutmeg powder or cinnamon powder enhances the flavour of the toast. If the French toast is the big hit in your family, then try this eggless version today! It’s the most loved dish both by kids and adults.

If eggs are not permitted in your family, or you have some allergy, this recipe is an easy alternative for regular French toast. If you are avoiding eggs for health or personal reason, then this vegetarian version of would satisfy your hunger for French toast. Kick start your morning with this amazingly easy, quick, simple, tasty, yummy and healthy breakfast recipe. If you are continuously looking for new food variety, then try the savoury version of French toast and treat your taste buds. Also, you can tweak with the traditional French toast and add the mashed potatoes to the batter mixture. The texture of the bread would be fabulous and the taste would also be fantastic.