Mango Mastani Recipe : Marvelous Mango Milkshake!

The fancy name “Mango Mastani” of this thick mango shake represents its “Mastani Zyka”, i.e. Fantastic flavors. The Mango Mastani Recipe is originally adapted from the famous dessert drink of Pune. The concoction of fresh mangoes with milk and dry fruits is commendable. It is a popular dessert served as the beverage in various restaurants and parties. The sweet and saccharine taste of dessert in satisfying the sweet tooth. And the strong flavor of mangoes with the nutty aroma is rejuvenating.

Mango Mastani

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Description: The Mango Mastani Recipe has a marvelous combination of mangoes with vanilla ice-cream. The healthy mango milkshake is easy to prepare at home.

Mango Mastani Recipe

Mango Mastani Recipe Ingredients:

  • Ripe Alphonso Mangoes – 3 cups
  • Mango Puree – 3 ½ cups
  • Fresh White Heavy Cream – 1 ½ cups
  • Fresh Milk – 1 ¼ cups
  • Pistachios – ½ cups (7 pieces)
  • Cashews –  ½ cups  (7 pieces)
  • Almonds – ½ cups (7 pieces) (buy almonds online)
  • Vanilla Ice cream – 8 scoops
  • Glazed cherries – 1 cup (6 pieces)
  • Ice-cubes – 1 small bowl (6 cubes)
  • Sugar – as per taste

Note: Choose the fleshy and the juicy mangoes like Alphonso or Kesar. If you want to make this refresher in any season apart from summers, then you may use canned mangoes.

Using the glazed cherries is optional, and you make skip adding them. Instead of Vanilla flavor, you can also use Mango-Ice-cream.

If you want to try this amazing drink at home, then you would need the ice cream of either vanilla or mango flavor. You can make vanilla ice cream at home or buy from the store. In the season of mangoes, you can also make mango ice cream at home rather than getting from ice-cream parlors.

Mango Mastani Recipe Steps:


  • Chop Cherries and Dry Fruits.
  • Chop Mangoes:
    • Rinse the mangoes under the tap of fresh water.
    • Gently, peel off their outer skin.
    • Now, slice chops the mangoes using chopper or knives.
    • Keep the chopped mangoes aside in a bowl.
  • Make Mango Puree:
    • Add the chopped mangoes in a blender.
    • Add the little water if needed.
    • Sprinkle some sugar if required.
    • Run the blender, and make a smooth puree.
    • Transfer the puree to a bowl and keep aside.

Note: Plastic-wrap the bowl of mangoes if you have chopped them long before the use.


  • In a blender, or a mixture, add 3/4th of chopped mangoes. Reserve the rest of chopped mangoes for later use.
  • Add the heavy cream along with the fresh milk.
  • Pinch sugar as much as you require.
  • Also, sprinkle little of the nutmeg powder.
  • Blend the ingredients till they become a smooth shake.
  • Blend on a medium pace to form a thick shake.
  • Transfer the thick mango shakes from blender and pour it in a glass.
  • Scoop the vanilla ice cream over the top of the shake.
  • Season the shake with the chopped cherries, mangoes, and the dry fruits.

And the thick mango Mastani shake is ready to have a sip. Place a straw into the glass and serve the delicious drink!

Note: Add sugar according to your preference of sweetness. Instantly serve the drink or else the ice cream will start to melt.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 449 calories
  • Total Time: PT15M
  • Serves: 5
  • Date Published:

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It’s the specialty drink of Pune and can also be made of other ingredients as well. You can make this delicious and delectable refresher from any of the fresh seasonal fruit that is your favorite. Though it is available across ice-cream parlors, restaurants and dessert shops across all over the city, but it tastes best when made at home maintaining the hygiene.

It is like blowing one’s own trumpet, but the simply chilled beverage is exceptionally sating and satisfying. The thick mango shakes topped with vanilla or mango ice-cream along with dry nuts and fresh fruit is an ecstasy.

The rich and ripe mangoes when blends with fresh milk and heavy whipped cream, makes a delicious dessert. The simplicity lies in the intense flavors and bright color of mangoes. The Mango Mastani Recipe has a marvelous combination of mangoes with vanilla ice-cream. It is easy to prepare in hot summer days. The thick mango milkshake is healthy and hearty.

The delectable dessert can be easily prepared at home within minutes. It requires no time to prepare this healthy thick shake without any hustle. You only have to blend the mangoes and scoop with any flavor of ice-cream. Topping of cherries and nuts makes it nutritious and healthy.  Make and Take a sip of this super mango shake.

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  • The Mango Mastani Recipe requires 15 minutes to prepare.
  • The measured proportion of ingredients makes 4 medium sized glass, but you can increase the number of mangoes and proportion of Curd if there are more people.
  • It is optional to add the nuts in the mango Mastani. You can add any other dry fruits of your choice.
  • You may top the thick shake with any other flavor of ice-cream.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar if you are using the Mango Pulp.
  • You can skip adding the sugar if the mangoes are too sweet.
  • To balance the tastes of various ingredients, you may sprinkle the pinch of salt.


Serve the chilled Mango Mastani in a tall milkshake. You may top with dollop of any flavored ice-cream. Garnish it with –

  • Chopped Mangoes Cubes
  • Pistachio flakes
  • Tutti Fruity
  • Silver coated almonds
  • Mint Leaves
  • Wafer Biscuit
Time Serving Calories
 15 minutes 4 to 5 people  449  calories

Just like mango Mastani, there is another mango milkshake called as Mango Almond Shake, which is made from the mixture of mangoes with almond. The other mango refreshers are Mango Lassi, Mango Iced Tea, Mango-Pineapple Smoothie, Mango Punch, Mango Slush, and much more.

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