Sattu Drink Recipe : Sweet Summer Refresher!

Have you been introduced to Sattu before? It is the aromatic fragrant yellow colored flour made from roasted Chana. Admire the amazingly sweet Sattu Drink Recipe in the hot and humid summers. This reviving savory drink is made from the flour. This quick healthy summer refresher is made with roasted gram flour or chickpea. The importance in the making of this drink is of roasting if you are using chickpea but with besan (gram flour) you do not need to roast. There numerous culinary uses of Sattu such as Ladoo, drink, paratha, etc. For many people, it is considered to be as their staple food.

Sattu Drink

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Description: In the Sattu Drink Recipe, the organic Sattu flour needs to be dissolved in chilled water and mixed with sugar. Make this sweet refresher for summer.

Sattu Drink Recipe

Ingredients for making Sattu Drink Recipe:

  • Sattu flour – 3 tbsp.
  • Jaggery (grated) – 4 tbsp.
  • Black Salt – ½ tsp.
  • Water – 500 ml.

Note: You can also use ¼ cup of roasted chick peas as an alternative to Sattu. But, use chick peas only when you do not have Sattu.

You can even use unrefined cane sugar.

Though the Sattu flour is available in the super markets, you can also prepare it fresh at home.

Steps for Making Sattu Drink Recipe:

Make Sattu Flour:

  • If you don’t have Sattu flour at home, then make it at home. But if you have the Sattu flour, then directly make the Sattu drink.
  • Firstly take the ¼ cup of chick peas and roast them.
  • You have to evenly roast the chickpeas on a medium flame over a stove.
  • Transfer the roasted chick peas to the grinder and start to grind.
  • Grind the chickpeas properly till they are changed to the powered form.

Note: If you are already using the toasted chickpeas then you can skip roasting them again.

Make Sattu Drink:

  • Now, take a small mixing bowl and add the Sattu flour in it.
  • Pour the chilled water in the bowl with Sattu flour.
  • Mix the Sattu flour and water well with each other.
  • Stir evenly so that the flour completely mixes with the water.
  • Add the grated Jaggery to the Sattu flour and water mixture.
  • With the help of spoon, give a stir and mix the grated Jaggery in the solution.
  • Keep on stirring to mix it well till everything dissolves.
  • Season the drink with the pinch of black Salt and again mix it well.
  • Transfer the drink to the tall fancy glass of refresher.
  • Add 2 to 3 pieces of ice-cubes.

And the instant Sattu Drink is ready!

Note: Do not add sugar or Jaggery in abundance, add only as much as required as per the taste.

Additional Information:

  • Calories: 210 calories
  • Total Time: PT10M
  • Serves: 2
  • Date Published:

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The Sattu drink has two basic variations, one is sweet Sattu drink and another one is salty Sattu drink. You can make any as they have equivalent taste and texture ratio. The one we have made here is sweet but you must try both. Drinking the chilled refreshing drink of Sattu not only quenches the thirst but also has various cooling properties which are good for our health. Sattu has the surplus amount of nutrients and is good for those have diabetes. The motivational health benefits of drinking Sattu makes it preferable for children, women, youth, adults and old aged people.

If you try this recipe from scratch, i.e. soaking Chana, removing their skin, roasting then and grinding it to the fine powder then it may seem tedious and time-consuming. So the easy shortcut to this instant refresher is to buy roasted Chana without skin from the market and simply grind it to powder form. Sieve the powdered form and transfer it to a container or bottle for future use. This way the drink becomes easy to make for anyone who is even unaware about this food ingredient.

The organic Sattu flour needs to be dissolved in chilled water and mixed with sweet Jaggery. The pinch of black salt enhances the flavors and seasoning the drink with your favorite herbs or mint leaves give you feel of refreshment. You may even add various flavorings of your choice and customize with the Sattu drink. Serve the delicious drink in parties or have it for yourself to beat the heat. Make and enjoy this energizing drink in summer which protects your body, skin and instantly rejoices you.


  • The Sattu Drink Recipe is one the instant summer refresher recipe which gets prepared in only 10 minutes.
  • The measured proportion of Jaggery, Sattu and water in this recipe makes the drink for 2 people.
  • This recipe can be doubled or tripled for more people.
  • Adding Black Salt is Optional.
  • If you want more mixed texture of taste then you can add very little Jal Jeera.
  • You can also use Honey or any sweetener instead of Jaggery.
  • Add 2-3 drops of lemon (per glass) only if you like the citric taste.


Serve this Sattu drink instantly as it is made or keep it in refrigerator for few minutes before serving. It would taste better if you serve it chilled. You can have this plain or pair it with your favorite spicy or mild snack.

Garnish with:

  • Stick some salt on the edge of the glass.
  • Add a small piece of lemon wedges to make it look better.
  • Place 2 leaves of mint over the top.
Quick Tip:
  • To enhance the taste, you can add the barley flour made from grinding the whole barley.
  • If you do not have Jaggery, then you can syrup of date or honey.
  • Regular salt can be used but black salt gives your drink a different flavour.

This is the sweet version of state drink which is more popularly known as meetha Sattu or Sattu meetha sharbat. This healthy and tasty meetha Sattu sharbat is a commonly available Indian summer drink. The Sweet Sattu or the Savory Sattu is the traditional summer drink of the few states of India. As it is made from the chickpeas, people also call it as Chane Ka Sattu.

This is refresher is one of the staple diet for the large mass of the farming community. It is not just a refresher or a drink to have in summer, but Sattu is also sold as health food in various super stores of those regions. This traditional summer refresher is rich in nutrition and good for body.

The reason Sattu is considered to beneficial for health is because it is nothing but the powdered form of roasted gram flour. It is rich in natural fiber, has minimal glycemic index, detoxes our system, cleanses our body and reduces weight. Apart from the roasted gram flour, you can make cereals, pulses and many other number of Sattu varieties. This way you can include Sattu in your daily diet in different forms.

There is a savory version of Sattu Drink which is equally healthy but it is slight tastier.  If you want to make the salty Sattu drink, then simply replace the Jaggery in the recipe with the spices and herbs. You can add roasted cumin powder and black pepper powder along with the pinch of black salt. Also mix in the chopped fresh herbs like coriander leaves or mint leaves which would give fresh flavors and fabulous fragrance to your drink. For the little tanginess, squeeze the juice of citric lemon.

Any which way you make, the Sattu drink is extremely easy and quick to prepare. It’s more preferred especially when its summers as you do not have to cook. There is simplicity of both ingredients and preparation in this healthy summer drink recipe. This rich in nutrient Sattu drink made with Sattu flour and water with grated Jaggery is high on flavors as well. It is made in minimum time with the use of minimal ingredients. Its tastes instantly refresher our body and the cold water immediately quenches the thirst. It just needs one glass of Sattu sharbat whenever you feel exhausted to make you feel energetic again. It is one of the best traditional summer cooling drinks of India. It has flavorful fragrance, joyful taste and wonderful health benefits.

Many of us prefer to have refresher or chilled drinks everyday morning after the jogging or the heavy exercise. The similar summer beverages like sattu drink which you might want to checkout is the delicious and sweet lassi. It is one such popular North Indian refresher which is prepared from the fresh yogurt with some spice powders along with the addition of dry fruits. Just like Sattu, the delicious Lassi has the health benefits of its own and also has one savory version which is the salted lassi. The other juices which you can make at home are the pineapple juice, apple juice, guava juice, mango juice, watermelon juice, lemon juice from the preserved lemon squash or the orange juice.